Why isn’t growing bag seed always the best idea?


You must be head over heels for finding a few seeds in your cannabis bud bag purchased from Cannabis seed bank, USA. But wait, don’t set your hopes too high yet. This is because not always bag seeds tend to germinate into quality buds. 


In fact, there are many reasons why you may just be wasting your time behind the bag seeds, such as:


1- Result of stressed female plant: When a female plant is stressed, she usually takes the natural route to produce seeds as evolutionary survival. And these hermaphroditic females end up producing hermaphroditic offspring. And that means your efforts in growing from seed bag will only result in seedy weed even with proper cultivation technique. 


2- Unpredictable seed viability: Crops harvested before maturing of the seeds or damage caused during curing and packing can result in seeds not sprouting at all. If you wish to grow outdoors, then fine, but considering the efforts and cost of growing indoors, it would be a bad idea to grow bag seeds at all. 


3- You may produce an unknown phenotype: Even if you know the strain type of seed, you certainly don’t know what caused the production in the first place. If the seed has unknown male traits, then you may end up producing an unknown phenotype. 


Over to you

Well, it is quite evident from the article that bag seeds are nothing but bad news most of the time. However, if you are a hobby grower, you can always perform your experiments with cheap marijuana seeds. You can buy cannabis seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co.