4 Kinds of Bunions Treatment Without Surgery


Are you wondering if there are simple ways to treat your bunion without undergoing surgery in Singapore? In this article, we will share four tips that you can do so that you wouldn’t need bunion surgery.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Proper weight means that our feet do not carry any excess weight. Since our feet support our entire body, the act of walking or even standing causes a lot of pressure. Too much weight and our joints can become inflamed or sore, increasing the pain of your bunion. Aside from that, obesity can also cause other foot problems like flat feet.

Exercise Your Feet

Exercising is the simplest bunions treatment without surgery that you can do. Short activities such as stretching your toes for five to ten seconds and doing this at least ten times a day can go a long way. If you’re having difficulty doing this alone, you can use a towel to help you.

If you work in an environment where your feet are inside your shoes for long periods, taking them off for a few minutes and wiggling them can also help in reducing the pain caused by bunions.

Put Your Feet Up

Another simple way to avoid bunion surgery in Singapore is by changing how you rest your feet. After spending your day working at an office desk, laying down and propping your feet higher can increase blood circulation and reduce any pain or swelling. Aside from this, don’t forget to rest your feet for a few minutes every day to prevent your bunions from worsening.

Visit a Podiatrist

Regular appointments with your podiatrist can help alleviate the pain caused by your bunions. If you’re looking for bunions treatment without surgery, they may also give you options such as electrical stimulation and other forms of non-surgical therapies.

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