Visiting the Dentists Whilst You Are Pregnant


If you are wondering whether it is safe to visit the dentist when you are pregnant, then the bottom line is yes, and you definitely should. Keeping up with your dental hygiene and work can be important in keeping your baby and yourself healthy.

However, there are things to consider when visiting your dentists when pregnant. There are some things that require more attention, and some medications or processes may not be safe. Dentists North Wales can reassure you on what the best action to take is when you’re expecting.

The Basics

All dentists recommend you stay on top of your dental check ups and cleaning throughout your pregnancy. Your homes change whilst pregnant, which can lead to things such as swelling of the gums – so it’s worth having someone take a look.

These appointments help you keep bacteria and possible infections in check. Dental issues can potentially cause preterm birth so you need to be vigilant and take care.

Timing matters with some procedures, like crowns and fillings. So if you address these issues in the beginning of your pregnancy, then you won’t have to sit in the dentist’s chair for a long time whilst heavily pregnant.

Are dental medications safe when pregnant?

Studies on dental medication being taken during pregnancy are conflicting. Lidocaine is commonly used in dentistry, and it can get to the baby via the placenta. However, it’s unclear if this has any effect on the baby.

If you do need dental work doing, try and have it done with as little anesthesia as possible but keeping you comfortable.

Antibiotics are also commonly used with dental procedures. These are safe to take as long as you follow the directions you are given.

X-Rays and Procedures Whilst Pregnant 

When you visit the dentist for your check up, you might be asked to have an x-ray. However, you should skip this whilst you are pregnant.

However, if it’s crucial for you to have an x-ray, it is ok and it won’t harm the baby.  You just want to avoid them if you can. It’s more for your peace of mind than anything else.

There is no solid reasoning to avoid having any dental procedures take place.

Don’t Be Scared 

Visiting the dentist whilst you are pregnant doesn’t put you or your baby at harm. So don’t delay your check ups.

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