Unconventional Uses for Quality Beard Oil


When someone uses a quality beard oil like the options from Bossman, they have a versatile product that does more than just enhance the beard. By using the beard oil in unconventional ways, it is possible to achieve even more impressive results. Keep reading to learn more about how to use beard oil for benefits besides its main purpose.

Create an Overnight Beard Mask

A beard mask is a type of intensive treatment for a beard that is damaged and dry. Using the beard oil as a mask is easy. To use beard oil in this way, take a shower before going to bed and pat the beard dry. Apply at least double the amount of beard oil that a person typically uses. Be sure to rinse out with cool water when someone wakes up first thing in the morning.

As a Pre-Shave Oil

Just as the name implies, pre-shave oil will be used before applying shaving cream and shaving. Some men wonder why they should use a pre-shave oil to begin with. There are several benefits offered. For example, a pre-shave oil provides protection against cases of razor burn. Also, pre-shave oils will soften the stubble, which creates a much more comfortable and smoother shave.

It is important to note that not all beard oils can be used as a pre-shave oil. After all, not all oils are created the same. Cheaper beard oil will wind up clogging a person’s pores when put directly on the skin. Also, the oils contain synthetic fragrances and ingredients that do not offer a close or smooth shave.

To use the oil as a pre-shave oil, the first step is to rinse the face with warm water to help open the pores and then pat it dry. Use a few pumps of beard oil and rub it into the area to be shaved. Apply the shaving cream on top of it and then shave as usual.

As Cuticle Oil

This may be a new one for some people. Cuticle oil is applied to the nails and skin to provide healthier, less brittle, and softer nails. If a person works with their hands or washes them regularly, they should try this. Chances are once beard oil is routinely used as a cuticle oil, the nails will not catch on material as often, and the cuticles will no longer be a white, flakey mess at the base of the nails. It is best to do this before bed.

To use this, wash and dry the hands and then apply a few drops of the beard oil into the skin and nails. Usually, the difference this makes will be seen the next morning, but consistency is essential to achieve maximum benefits.

The key to using beard oil in these unique ways is to be consistent. When it is used regularly, it is possible to see all the benefits mentioned here and more. Being informed and knowing the many uses of beard oil is the best way to take advantage of all it has to offer.