Three Things Every Single Adult Must Try on their Bahamas Vacation


Doesn’t matter what part of the world you come from or what itinerary you bring with you; when in the Bahamas, you will get an opportunity to see amazing beautiful beaches, lush green vegetation, and a lot of wildlife. Apart from this the Bahamas is brimming with activities that will make your vacation both fun and memorable.

If you’ve come here then we know you love the Bahamas and want to make the most of your vacation. Here we have carefully created a list of things and activities every single can add to his/her itinerary.

Visit The Local Markets

If you are in the Bahamas and you don’t explore the local market hotspots then you are missing a lot of things. We suggest you at least try out one of the popular markets in the Bahamas.

The most conveniently located and popular local Bahamian markets include Bay Street which is quite popular among Americans and other international tourists. It is located in downtown Nassau (capital city). Duty-free shops, luxury designer boutiques, and local eateries are some of the things to try.

Next on the list is the popular Nassau Straw Market located right next to the cruise ship port. This conveniently located Nassau market is known for its range of unique straw products. Straw weaving is an old Bahamian tradition and thus you will fall in love with the unique straw products you won’t find anywhere else in the world. It is a perfect place to spend time, buy some souvenirs and test your bargaining skills.

Go Get a Massage/Spa

If you are in Nassau, then you can’t miss out on the popular massage shops and spas that are located all over the capital. Select a reputed wellness spa and book an appointment for your spa day. Nothing beats the amazing feeling you get while being pampered and massaged by talented beautiful Bahamian masseuses. It is a must-try if you happen to have stiff muscles, back pain, or some old sports injury that’s bothering you.

You don’t need a reason to indulge in self-care. Whenever you sense that you don’t have any plans and you want to spend some time feeling completely relaxed, then go visit a spa! Don’t overthink and add to your stress. Every massage you get is a unique experience and totally adds to the feeling of a perfect stress-free vacation.

Try Out Cruise Tours

If you don’t have any cruise tours included in your travel plans or travel package. Then we suggest you go out and find one that suits you. There are several amazing cruise ship tours you can in Nassau and Freeport. Nassau offers several day cruise options allowing you to privately hire a boat or enjoy water sports activities like snorkeling and much more. Just connect with a reliable tour operator or walk down the Nassau streets to find one that can offer what you want.

Rent a Scooter!

Yes! this is might come as a surprise but roaming around and exploring the local streets with your own rented scooter is one of the most enriching experiences you can have as a single adult. It is also at least 10 times more convenient than walking or booking a ride every time you go out. In fact, we suggest that the first thing you do when you reach Nassau or any other city is to check for places that rent a bike or scooter.