The Right Pillow Options for Your Choices



Choosing a pillow is a personal choice. This way everyone has their own needs and requirements when it comes to a pillow. But which eco pillow should I choose? Which pillow is the best choice for me? Choosing from so many offers seems complicated and difficult. But choosing a pillow is easier than you think. Choosing the best organic pillow happens to be essential here now.

Important Questions When Choosing An Eco Pillow

When purchasing an eco-pillow, these questions are important to ask:

  • What sleeping position do I have?
  • Wool, down, natural latex, horsehair or kapok? Which material suits me? Important here is: Do you perspire quickly or much?
  • How firm or soft should my pillow be?
  • Does a larger or smaller eco pillow suit me better?

Sleeping Position And Pillow

In our sleeping position, our body is preferably positioned like this, just as we are standing up straight. That means that our head and neck, without corners or bends, lie ‘neutral’ on the mattress and pillow. The most common sleeping position in which you lie is therefore important to know. In general, the position in which we fall asleep, side, back or stomach, is the starting point. This attitude is a fixed sleeping position for many people, it happens that it changes. The sleeping position and sleeping position can also change during the night when purchasing a new mattress.

The Mobile Sleeper: You change sleeping position and position during the night and you have no specific sleeping position when falling asleep.

Do you have a firm mattress and are you a man?

Then you benefit from an average, firm to medium firm cushion. This way your head is well supported in most sleeping positions. Here all natural latex, firm neck support, horsehair and woolen pillows are suitable for this.

Do you have a medium mattress and are you a woman?

Then you will benefit from one of our soft or medium neck support cushions, natural latex or woolen cushions. Unless you have a very petite build. Then choose the soft cushion variants.

Sleeping position and side sleeper pillow

The side sleeper: For the side sleeper, an eco-cushion with neck support is the most ideal. These are somewhat thicker cushions that specifically support the neck and bridge the space between head and shoulder. The point is that your head is in line with your backbone, without crazy corners in the neck. A medium to firm neck support cushion is usually suitable. Larger side sleepers need an (extra) firm neck support cushion or benefit from a horsehair pillow. People with an average posture opt for a medium neck support pillow.

Sleeping position and backrest pillow

The back sleeper: The back sleeper sleeps best with a thinner or softer pillow. A pillow that is too high or a pillow that is too firm is not pleasant for your neck. If a pillow is too high, the chin is led to the chest and this causes tension in the neck muscles. We advise you to choose a soft or, if you are a bit taller, a formable or flexible cushion in the medium size as your back sleeper.