Preparing Yourself For Getting Braces – 4 Things To Consider First


Whether it’s an Invisalign or getting ceramic braces in Singapore, braces are a useful device for straightening teeth and saving you from numerous oral problems! However, you need to plan and prepare for the future when you receive a dental brace. Now, what do we mean by ‘planning’ and ‘preparing’?

It simply means preparing your teeth, and knowing the right oral hygiene can make a difference in having healthy and problem-free teeth. So, it does make sense for patients to know what to do to avoid oral problems, whether you’re getting damon or lingual braces in Singapore. Here’s what you need to know:

1. You need to have good oral hygiene first

Getting a lingual or Invisalign braces is not an all-in-one solution for dental/oral problems. While braces can fix misaligned jaw and crooked teeth, it does not solve your oral hygiene. Plaques and bacteria can accumulate on the brackets and teeth, which can cause gum disease and other problems. If you don’t brush your teeth, braces won’t prevent your teeth from decaying.

2. Research to prepare yourself mentally

It’s normal behaviour for many to feel anxious and nervous before the appointment. However, the best answer and cure for that is to have the knowledge and educate yourself about the process. Hence, consider doing some little research on your own to prepare yourself mentally.

3. Strengthen your gums by cleaning regularly

A healthy gum should be part of your plan and preparation before getting a brace! A weaker gum will weaken the bone, which makes it unable to handle the pressure of the braces causing bone loss around the teeth. Getting a check-up and regular cleaning is, thus, essential before getting braces in Singapore.

4. Prepare yourself for soreness and discomfort

Yes, getting braces can cause soreness and discomfort after the process. However, this is a normal response as your teeth align and adjust with the braces. It will only last a few days after, which isn’t bad and not that painful.

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