Regular Mistakes You Are Doing To Your Ears


We have five sensory organs and the ear is one of them. The more importance it has in our lives, the more it tends to get defective and eventually makes us deaf. But it is our regular mistakes which lead to the path of eternal deafness. So we should find them out and learn to fix them.  

  1. Using Cotton Buds: 

Even do the packaging of some cotton buds mentions the restricted use of them. But we have been badly used to inserting a cotton bud in our ears, not tolerating even a single bit of itching or discomfort in the ears. But this is entirely harmful. The rough edge of the buds can damage the eardrums and the skin. 

  1. Inserting Just Anything Into The Ears: 

We all tend to insert just anything with a sharp head when the ear catches even a single discomfort. This is terribly wrong. The sharp head can do a mild to major bleeding in the ear. It can be a reason for both internal and external damage. 

  1. Using Chemicals: 

As the ears are something we usually clean at home, without any proper understanding of the right method, the chances of doing it wrong are higher. Hydrogen peroxide is a favorite to clean ears as it has a homely use. But it contains highly oxidizing elements. Excessive use of this might be the cause of ear inflammation.

  1. Too Much Cleaning: 

Audiology Centre West strictly forbids you to do this. Newer researches say that our ears don’t need to be cleaned as they have a self-cleansing process. In fact, the wax of the ears is good for them. It prevents external dirt from entering our ears. 

  1. Using Someone’s Earplugs: 

We are individual human beings from every aspect. The types of our ear waxes are different consisting of different kinds of bacteria. Earplugs are the bacteria’s favorite place to consolidate. So using someone else’s earplug is equal to inviting the bacteria of someone’s ears. In fact, our personal earplugs should be cleaned regularly.     

  1. Listening at a High Volume:

Excessive noise exposure is the reason for 15% deafness. The ears don’t have the capacity of bearing high volumes. It causes serious ear damage.

So evidently these are the regular harms that we are doing every day to our ears. But above all, we should never hesitate to move to the clinic whenever we feel the wrong is not curable at home.