Post Gastric Sleeve Surgery Diet


Every weight loss surgery has a post-surgery diet and exercise and sometimes follow-up if suggested by the medical expert. These post-surgery diets differ from people to people and surgery to surgery. As every individual has different pre-surgery weight and unique needs each one has a customized diet.

Just like every bariatric surgery, post gastric sleeve surgery and its recovery period, the candidates eating habits will have to change for better.

  1. Post the surgery the patient will have 100-150 milliliters which will make the patient feel full quickly. Overeating in this phase will enlarge the stomach.
  2. For the first 3-4 weeks following the surgery, the patients are restricted to low caloric food intake.
  3. Candidates are suggested to avoid sugar, most importantly the one in liquids as they slow down the weight loss process.
  4. Fat foods and fried foods are to be avoided after the surgery as they are hard to digest and have a low amount of minerals and nutrition.
  5. The patient should eat greedily, the food morsels should be chewed well and slowly swallowed. The moment you feel you are full, take a stop and do not overeat.
  6. The candidate needs to take care of his/her everyday routine of necessary food/liquid intake, especially water. A dose of 1.5 liters or more is recommended depending upon an individual’s situation and weight.
  7. Headache, nausea, vomiting, dark urine if occurs in the post-surgery phase, the patient must inform his doctor.
  8. Avoid drinking fluids 15 minutes before a meal and 30-40 minutes after a meal is recommended for better digestion.
  9. Patients of gastric sleeve surgery are suggested to eat 3 meals a day and not more. If the patient is really hungry can have one single snack between meals
  10. Every food that the patients eat must be rich in nutrients and if not at least one meal especially should be rich in proteins.
  11. There might arise intolerance to certain foods, post-surgery hence should be checked.
  12. Different types of foods must be introduced slowly and each one at a meal, never combine them, in order to avoid indigestion.

If you can go through the above phase or follow the above diet, gastric sleeve surgery recovery would be not so tough for you. The post-surgery diet plays a significant role in your weight loss program and helps you achieve desired goals easily. Contact a Professional Bariatric Surgeon who will help you with the post-surgery to do’s and effects.