Never Do These Things in Your Hot Spa


Whether you’ve just had a new spa or jacuzzi mounted or lately replaced a worn-out cover, maintain it looking as well as operating like new for as lengthy as you can making use of these jacuzzi cover maintenance suggestions.

  • Do not clean it with a cleaning agent

Detergent can cause a lathering as well as an algae problem in your bathtub or spa. Also, stay clear of any type of cleaners having silicone, bleach, or alcohol, as these active ingredients can damage the plastic. Instead, in every 1-3 months, remove the cover, wash the top, sides, and bottom with water as well as use a marine plastic cleaner.  We advise utilizing an item, particularly, created for health facility covers. Apply extra product along joints as well as any kind of spots where water pools. Then shield the outside of your cover with a vinyl conditioner. This step seals the cover, which will keep dust from entering the vinyl pores, as well as will assist shield the cover from the sunlight’s extreme rays.

  • Do not use a razor blade to remove sap

Several ranges of trees generate sap in the spring, which can drop on your cover and get harden. To eliminate it from your cover, scrub any oil you’d use in your kitchen, vegetable oil or mayonnaise will function in the sap. Wash with water; after that, carefully scuff or chip the sap off with your fingernail. Don’t utilize anything that might damage or tear the vinyl.

  • Don’t use a shovel or scrape to eliminate snow

Snow is hefty. Make use of a soft bristle mop or brush to remove it soon after it’s dropped since a shovel or scrape is likely to harm the vinyl. For an added layer of defense, buy spa cover caps, also called a winter season cover, to fit comfortably over the top of your spa cover.