Ways to handle fibrositis


Let us start with what is Fibrositis?Fibrositis is an ailment wherein you suffer from pain in the lumbar and cervical region.This problem occurs mainly due to inflammation of muscles.Factors that trigger the fibrositis ailment are emotional stress,fear, anddepression that lead to muscle tension and pain.Fibrositis is also known as chronic muscle pain and rheumatism.Let us study the various symptoms of fibrositis and how to treat fibrositis. We are also going to discuss the ways by which we can handle the ailment of fibrosis.

  • Symptoms of fibrosis

People may experience different types of symptoms such as:

  • Pain in the neck, back, muscles, or abdomen
  • You may feel tired, fatigued, or malaise
  • Problems related to stomachs such as constipation or nausea
  • You may experience anxiety disorders, mood swings, or nervousness
  • You may often forget and find it difficult to concentrate
  • You may get insufficient and disturbed sleep.
  • Common problems such as irritability andheadache may occur.
  • Ways to handle fibrositis

There are several ways in which you can handle fibrositis

  • You can practice self-care techniques such as yoga, stress relaxation techniques, and exercises to alleviate the problems.
  • You can practice therapies such as healing therapy, hydrotherapy, etc to control the ailment.For heating therapy, you can take hot water showers or use heating pads.For hydrotherapy, you can use bathtubs.
  • Medications- You can consume medicines by consulting a doctor or a specialist.
  • You can control and handle fibrositis in a better way if you refrain yourself from consuming a few foods in the daily diet such as:
  • Gluten
  • Red meat
  • Vegetables such as tomatoes and potatoes
  • Dairy products
  • Coffee
  • How to treat fibrositis

Fibrositis treatment can be done by strengthening the muscles.Various physical exercises can help to strengthen your muscles.Vitamin D supplements can make your muscles strong. Natural source of vitamin D is sunlight. Consumption of fruits like banana help in building your muscles.Use of ayurvedic and natural oils can help to make your muscles more strong and relieve pain if any.Protein supplements can help you in building the muscles.

Maintain a regular exercise schedule and avoid certain foods that help spike the condition of fibrositis. Thiscan help avoid the condition of fibrositis.Put down on weight if you are overweight and try to build more muscles and make them strong.If it is due to aging then make use of oils and ointments to bring down the intensity.Moov ointment always helps to keep the pain at bay. This having ayurvedic herbs and ingredients has no side effects and provides relief by bringing down the inflammation of muscles and tissues. They also help in strengthening the muscles.However,it is always advised to consult a specialist in case of increased intensity and specific medication.