Lovegra Effects for Erectile Dysfunction 


Correct touch, flick, and even some sensuality altogether can get any penis to become erect and all this is possible within a few minutes if the process is perfectly executed. However, some penises cannot stand erect even after everything is tried by the other person during sexual encounter, and such people will be suffering from ED.

Not only men, but women also suffer from the issue of not reaching their climax even after reaching the peak of pleasurable moments. Such women require a booster to reach their climax and also at the right time during the sexual encounters. Lovegra is for such women. These are available on the official website of Potenzmittel Apotheke for purchase. Place the order today.

Effect of Sildenafil

Sexologists are a group of researchers that work on everything related to the sexual life of a human being. They study anything and everything related to the issues, ways, causes, and also the results of the sexual activities in a person in detail, including the anatomy and physiology of the topic.

The sexologists believe that the penis enlargement during the sexual encounters is possible at the right moment, and the resulting erection can reach a minimum of 6.4 inches in length. Cavernous bodies present in the penis, also known as corpora cavernosa are the main cause of penis enlargement during sexual arousal and a proper erection can successfully get a person to climax more than 5 times in a row.

Sometimes the proper erection is not possible in men during the sexual encounters, even though the proper touch, sensuality, flick, and everything else are tried in the process. This condition is known as erectile dysfunction and can be caused because of many issues. The best way of treating this problem is with the help of a proper supplement that is rich in sildenafil.


The dosage of the sildenafil supplement is not the same for every person. The suggested portion of this supplement is not more than 20mg starting from 5mg. The dosage should not exceed more than this quantity per day and should be administered with a gap of at least 4 to 6 hours between each intake.

It is available in the form of injections, oral suspensions, tablets, jellies, and so on, and you can choose the one that is the best way of taking it.

The oral suspension will be a concentrated powder and it should be diluted before taking it. You can do so by adding 60ml of water directly into the bottle and shaking it thoroughly to dilute the supplement. Now add another 90ml water to prepare the perfect mixture of sildenafil supplement for the suggested daily dosage.

You can get more information on the methods of taking the supplement by visiting Here, you will even find the right dosage that will work for you based on the severity of the condition. However, never decide to take this supplement without the suggestion or prescription of your physician.

The important factor while taking sildenafil is to never neglect the suggested dosage cycle for a day. The excess intake can result in painful erection for longer hours than the promised time duration, or can even lead to complete impotence.