Having a bright smile can bring a lot of benefits to a person and to others. Your smile can uplift someone’s day. It can also make you look and feel more confident. On your first date, a smile can give a very good first impression. A radiant smile allows you to appear intelligent and trustworthy; hence it can be a factor in landing a job or business opportunity. Dr Dennis Tan leads a dental clinic in Tanjong Pagar that can help you achieve your desired perfect smile.

There are several elements that can make your smile beautiful, such as your tooth’s alignment, colour, size, length, and likewise, the amount of gums that is exposed when you smile.  Let us look closely at how each aspect mentioned can influence your smile.

Alignment of tooth

A straighter teeth is more attractive to look at in comparison to crooked teeth. Aside from looking aesthetically pleasing, teeth that are aligned well also positively contribute to your dental health as it is much easier to maintain and clean. On the other hand, misaligned teeth are prone to cavities and gum disease as they are more difficult to clean, especially in hard to reach places.

Tooth colour

Walk down the aisle of a grocery store and you will notice an abundance of teeth whitening products. This can only mean one thing: teeth that are yellow or stained appear unattractive and unhealthy. Teeth are called “pearly whites,” after all.

Tooth size and length

A smile that shows a row of teeth that form a gentle arc, like those you see in toothpaste ads, look immaculate. But not everyone is born with a set of teeth like this. Some have teeth that are too small, while others have parts of the root exposed that may look unsightly, especially in photos.

Gum exposure

Our gums can also make or break our smile. When smiling, we can show a large part of our gums when an upper lip extends far up, which can be partly responsible for an unappealing smile. Additionally, red and swollen gums exhibit poor dental habits and health.

What can be done to have a great smile?

Technological advancements in the field of dentistry have developed various dental appliances, materials, and procedures that can help beautify your smile. Aesthetic or cosmetic dentistry is the branch of dentistry that combines both art and science in treatments that improve the overall look and function of the teeth.

What procedures fall under aesthetic or cosmetic dentistry?

There are several procedures that are classified under aesthetic or cosmetic dentistry. These can be used to treat problem areas concerning your teeth, gums, mouth, or jaw. Here are some examples:


Braces, technically speaking, belong to Orthodontics, which is another field of dentistry. However, aesthetic dentistry also extends to orthodontics as braces are used to improve teeth alignment. Aside from straightening the teeth, braces can also improve your teeth, mouth, and jaw functions by correcting an imperfect bite. Braces can vary from traditional/metal braces or ceramic braces. Using braces may make your smile seem off for a time. If you wish for a dental appliance that doesn’t attract unwanted attention every time you open your mouth, but still gets the job done of fixing your crooked teeth, then you can ask your dentist about clear aligners.

Composite bonding

This procedure is a quick fix for broken or chipped tooth, remodelling the shape of tooth, or blocking of large gaps in between teeth with the use of resin material that mimics your natural teeth’s colour. Removal of any structure of teeth is not needed for composite bonding.

Gum contouring

This procedure targets “gummy smiles.” A gummy smile shows off a large area of the gums that bury most of the teeth. Gum contouring can correct this flaw by the removal of the excess gums. This way, the teeth’s length and size can be reformed to a much desirable appearance.

Teeth whitening

Whitening treatments offered in dental clinics, such as Dennis Tan Dental, can either be performed in office through a whitening procedure or done at home using whitening kits. Do note that not all teeth may respond well to whitening procedures or products, so you may opt to get dental veneers to mask up stained teeth.

  • When done in the clinic, a whitening gel that is light-activated is applied to the teeth and exposed to filtered lights. This procedure is completed in 2 hours and can be conveniently inserted in one of your daily schedules. One session is all it takes to see a stunning smile.
  • Take home kits for teeth whitening are composed of a teeth whitening gel and a set of bleaching trays. To use the appliance, first, the gel is placed onto the bleaching tray. With the gel spread evenly, the tray is then fitted to the upper and lower teeth arc. The tray is worn anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on your dentist’s recommendation. Teeth should be thoroughly brushed and flossed before attaching the bleaching trays with whitening gel.


Veneers are a type of dental appliance that are made out of materials that resemble the teeth’s colour and are thin like wafers in structure. Dental veneers are used to alter and improve the teeth’s colour, size, shape or length. The shells are applied over the front surface of the teeth and serve as a cover to hide any imperfection underneath, such as broken, chipped, or worn down teeth, teeth that are misshapen or misaligned, and teeth discoloration. Veneer can either be made out of resin composite or porcelain materials. A single imperfect tooth or multiple ones can be corrected by dental veneers, thereby giving your smile an upgrade. Other than aesthetic benefits, veneers can also enhance the function of your teeth. Veneers are highly durable and can serve you for a long time, provided that they are taken good care of.

Achieve a smile makeover!

Lately, more and more adults do not shy away from aesthetic dentistry if it means that they can improve their quality of life by beautifying their teeth. It is not yet too late to invest in your smile. Contact Dennis Tan Dental to start your journey to a head-turning smile. 

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