How to Recover from an Appendectomy?

How to Recover from an Appendectomy

What is an Appendectomy?

Appendectomy is the procedure of removing an inflamed or infected appendix. It is one of the most performed emergency surgeries that are done in the United States of America. Appendectomy in Long Island and other places is one of the most common, procedures that take place. Emergency surgeries can sound very daunting; however, this procedure is quite common, and knowing a bit about how to deal with it can be helpful.

Tips while recovering from Appendectomy

1.       Take plenty of rest

Like every surgery, this too tires the body and it is best if you allow yourself to rest. Resting is one of the keys to appendectomy recovery.

2.       Take your Doctor’s Advice

List to any and all advice given by your doctor, which includes restrictions on food, movement, lifting objects, and others. This may play an important role in your recovery. Appendectomy in Long Island and most other places witness doctors giving specific instructions, to every patient as human bodies are different and these instructions may depend on your medical history.

3.       Don’t Be Lazy

Recovery from Appendectomy is often quick if you are physically fit. The first few days might be your resting days but listen to your doctor if and when he or she tells you to get up and exercise. Staying fit and eating nutritious food during recovery is very important.

4.       Keep a tab of your pain.

Pain differs from person to person. Your doctor will probably be the best judge of how to deal with your pain. Hence, listen to the home remedies that he or she suggests, as they will probably help ease the pain. Don’t take any pain medications without asking your doctor first.

5.       Keep a check on your sitting, sleeping and standing position

Make sure, you let your doctor know if any positions hurt more than the others. Take your doctor’s suggestion, as to what is the best position to be in after the procedure. If your doctor suggests you to sit on a reclining chair, make sure you can get one of those, as these home remedies truly help in hastening the recovery.

Finally, make sure you do not panic as this is a relatively simple, common and short process, which should not affect your day to day life in the long run, if you take care and recover in a healthy manner. It always helps, to listen and ask your doctor, if you have any questions regarding the processes.