How Alcohol and Anxiety Maintains Their Bonding?


Alcohol abuse and anxiety disorder are dangerous to each other, and the unique thing is that these two are most often closely related. In case of dual diagnosis, alcoholism and anxiety disorder are mostly present together in a same person. Sometimes anxiety becomes the reason to drink and also the effects of drinking in many people.

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Anxiety And It’s Type

Nervous or shy feeling is commonly termed as anxiety. Anxiety issues are devastating if left untreated for prolonged period. Anxiety has a number of variations.

  • Generalized Anxiety – Day to day life stress is the reason behind generalized anxiety. Different types of fears or phobias activate generalized anxiety. It is a strong reason for those dealing with generalized anxiety to choose alcohol as a self medication to get over those anxieties.
  • Social Anxiety – Fear of being socially active or fear of socialization triggers social anxiety. Agoraphobia, which is fear of being trapped, those people until they reach home or a safe place, stays to be in a state of discomfort. They imagine multiple horrible things, which in reality aren’t there.
  • Panic Anxiety- Severe panic attacks leads to panic anxiety. The panic attacks are so often that, they deliberately wait for the next one. Physical changes during attacks are severe body shaking, increased heart beat, sweating, chocking, and shortness of breath. Some intense panic attacks feels like a heart attack.

Relation Between Anxiety And Alcohol

As per study, 25% of the patients who seek anxiety treatment had a previous history of alcoholism. Alcohol severely affects the chemical balance of the chemicals in the brain like, dopamine, serotonin, etc. Alcohols have an influence on GABA. Minor quantity of alcohol can trigger GABA and create a sense of relaxation, but excessive and prolonged use of alcohol can bring about anxiety and tension.

People with anxiety issues tend to consume alcohol to reduce their anxiety level. When prolonged use of alcohol is used to self medicate this issue, they become alcohol dependent, and hence their anxiety issues peaks to the highest intensity.

Duration Of Alcohol Induced Anxiety

Duration of alcohol induced anxiety varies with varying individuals. People who are physically dependent on alcohol may experience anxiety issues after alcohol withdrawal, for about 5-8 days. The first 48 hours are most difficult to tolerate. Many people do have anxiety issues even after 8 days.

Avoiding anxiety due to alcohol consumption can be avoided either by Stop drinking alcohol or reducing the consumption to an extreme level. More over it totally depends on the anxiety and the intensity of the consumption. The only way to healup is by getting treated by an expert. It’s important to treat this issue, and not let it ruin your life.