What Are the Elements of Dublin CrossFit Workout Routine and Why Should You Try it?



Whether you’re a CrossFit newbie or a CrossFit pro, you might think it’s okay to skip the structure of a Dublin CrossFit workout routine and go directly into the WOD (workout of the day). But doing this can lead to both short and long-term injuries. Because of the risks, you must include the elements of a CrossFit workout routine. Doing so will help you get the most from your workout and experience optimal physical health.

Dublin CrossFit typically consists of four key elements, and WOD is one of them. So, when doing the training, whether you’re at the gym, on your own, or with a coach, you must integrate each of the elements into your workout schedule.

What are the Elements of Dublin CrossFit?

  1. Warm-Up

Duration: 12 to 15 minutes

Workout exercises: pull-ups, jumping jacks, squats, lunges, jumping rope, etc.

Purpose: The purpose is to warm the body and mind up for the coming CrossFit challenge, and to reduce the risk of injury while enhancing performance.

A CrossFit workout warm-up consists of different blood-pumping exercises, in a timeframe of 12 to 15 minutes. It’s so much different from the regular 5-minute jog because a CrossFit warm-up focuses on several groups of muscles. Warm-up includes exercises like pull-ups, jumping jacks, squats, lunges, jumping rope, and more.

Doing these warm-up exercises can help prepare your mind and body for the coming workout and enhance your overall athletic performance. They can also help prevent injuries.

  1. Workout of the Day

Duration: 10 to 20 minutes

Workout exercises: high-intensity training which changes with each CrossFit WOD.

Purpose: The purpose is to push oneself and become fit.


The CrossFit Workout of the Day (WOD) is the heart of a CrossFit workout routine. It varies every day, and it mixes up the CrossFit workout routine. It also uses strength training and HILT to make sure that every CrossFit member gets the most out of the workout routine.

The Workout of the Day usually needs the CrossFit member to finish as many reps as possible within a particular time constraint, or to complete several reps and exercises as quickly as possible. The Workout of the Day aims to push members daily and to assist them in achieving their fitness goals.

  1. Strength/Skill Training

Duration: 15 to 20 minutes

Workout exercises: skill-enhancing drills or strength-building exercises.

Purpose: The purpose is to improve form, increase overall health, and gain muscle memory.


On workout days focusing on skills, this workout element aims to focus on drills that will enhance a skill (the WOD or a necessary workout for the following workout routine segment). Other skill days can focus on the form of drills like one-legged squats, muscle-ups, etc. and building your skill.

On strength days, this CrossFit workout routine element aims to dedicate on building pure body strength through several exercises. These may include squats and deadlifts.

  1. Stretching and Cooling Down

Duration: 10 to 15 minutes

Exercises: Stretching exercises

Purpose: The purpose is to bring the body back to baseline, increase flexibility, and to reduce the risk of injury.


Dublin CrossFit workout routine includes stretching or cooling down, which allows the muscles to cool down, without risking injury or seizing in future workouts. This routine is underrated, but it is during this routine where members bring their body back to baseline in temperature and heart rate. It’s also when they get to increase their flexibility. This element may consist of traditional muscle-stretching and the use of foam rollers or stretch bands.

It’s important for CrossFit workout routines to have these four elements because each segment serves a purpose to reduce or eliminate the risk of injury. They can improve your flexibility and increase your skill or muscle. Your body will need each of these elements within a workout routine to get the most from the gym experience and CrossFit workout.

Why Should You Try Dublin CrossFit?

  1. CrossFit improves physical strength. With high-intensity, multi-joint movements in doing CrossFit exercises, you can gain stamina and muscle strength. If you add more weight to your workouts, you can increase your muscle gain.

By doing the WOD, you can continuously challenge your muscles, which helps give your muscles some variety. Since the purpose is to complete as many reps of each exercise, you’ll be able to improve your physical strength over time.

  1. It helps you improve your flexibility, agility, and balance. Dublin CrossFit workouts usually include functional exercise (the types of exercise that mimics the movements you do every day). Doing functional exercises like overhead presses, squats, or kettlebell swings can help you achieve improved flexibility, agility, and balance.
  2. It may help you improve your aerobic fitness. CrossFit isn’t just an ordinary workout routine, as it involves high-intensity power training. This type of training may help CrossFit members to increase the maximum amount of oxygen they can utilize while they workout.
  3. It helps you manage your weight and burn calories. CrossFit is an HIPT exercise, which means it can help you burn more calories compared to regular workouts. Even during the recovery period, you may still be able to burn calories. For example, a 165-pound female can burn up to 15 calories per minute while a 195-pound male can burn up to 18 calories per minute. This is almost half the number of calories per minute loss when doing traditional workouts. 

These are great benefits you can get from Dublin CrossFit. Bear in mind that CrossFit isn’t for everyone. If your goal for doing CrossFit exercises is only to lose weight, then you need to follow a healthy diet, to sustain it. To get the best results, find a CrossFit class that uses each of the elements necessary to achieve your fitness goals now!

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