Herbalife Produces Refreshing Tea for Good Hydration and All-Around Health


Summertime keeps us very active, so we tend to work and play harder than usual. In the process, we end up losing vital fluids and energy throughout the day’s heat, and staying hydrated and healthy becomes a priority. Herbalife’s tea products are crafted around this goal, supplying what our bodies lose while providing refreshing natural flavors to enjoy. Herbalife Nutrition has injected science into specialty products designed with health needs in mind. These products are intended as a dietary supplement to keep your metabolism up while boosting you through your busy day.

Green tea

A small amount of caffeine helps jump-start your metabolism. Herbalife’s green tea contains 25 mg per of caffeine per serving, slightly less than an eight-ounce cup of coffee. The great tea product is naturally flavored and sweetened using a natural sweetener harvested from the stevia plant, thus adding zero calories. Another health benefit Herbalife’s Green Tea provides is protection against free radical damage by supporting antioxidant activity. The pomegranate-flavored green tea extract is a great summer favorite.

Herbal Tea Concentrate

We all feel tired and irritable at times, and this unpleasant sensation can be countered with the help of a modest health drink. A blend of orange pekoe black tea and green tea are the main ingredients in the Herbal Tea Concentrate. This blend will kick-start your metabolism with 85 mg of caffeine per serving while also providing antioxidants. This tea is naturally flavored and sweetened and comes in a variety of flavors, including raspberry, lemon, peach, chai, and even cinnamon. The blended drink also fights free radicals, providing much needed antioxidant support. The smooth consistency will make any tea lover enjoy this product.

N-R-G Tea

Of the many varieties of tea offered by Herbalife’s Tea, Nature’s Raw Guarana focuses on productivity. This tea contains 40 mg of caffeine, which helps to enhance your mental sharpness and attention span. Caffeine powder, orange pekoe, and guarana seed extract make up the main ingredients of this favored tea. Fans enjoy the Natural Lemon Peel Flavor with the added benefits of zero calories.

Herbalife has been around for some time, providing nutrition solutions on a global scale. Since 1980, the company has been creating products backed by science that aid people in receiving a well-rounded nutritional diet. The company processes all extracts through a botanical classification program, testing them several times over. The majority of the nutrition products are manufactured directly at Herbalife facilities. Today, Herbalife Nutrition contributes to a quantity of daily dietary necessities, offering consumers a better choice in over 90 countries.