Fertility Massage and IVF Success Rate


The consequences of stress and worry are among the most prevalent reasons individuals book a massage. It’s common to feel a variety of emotions when trying to conceive. While the procedure puts a lot of emphasis on your physical health, it’s also critical to concentrate on your emotional health throughout this period. While no one wants you to be joyful and positive all of the while, chronically negative emotional states might affect your fertility.

According to a 2016 research, psychological stress may affect the physiology, or performance, of the ovaries. To minimize degradation of egg quality and boost your odds of conceiving, the research authors advocate making lifestyle adjustments to reduce stress.

Stress has the potential to affect ovulation timing in addition to possibly impacting egg quality and lowering your IVF success rate. You might ovulate later than you anticipate, or you might not ovulate at all in certain circumstances of acute stress. When attempting to conceive, it’s critical to know when you’re ovulating so you may have intercourse with your partner during the most fertile periods. It’s better to have sex on the most fertile period of your cycle to increase your chances of becoming pregnant.

Fertility massage treatments not only relax the stomach muscles, but they also calm your brain. It calms the mind.

Infertility may be very stressful for both spouses. In men, it may lower desire and cause poor sexual performance. After they give up trying, many couples get pregnant. It’s because stress has a direct impact on your fertility. However, stress has a more profound effect on the female body.

The following is how stress impacts your fertility:

It causes your body’s cortisol levels to rise. Cortisol is a potent hormone that works to counteract estrogen’s effects. As a result, your fertilization levels decrease, making conception more challenging.

The function of the hypothalamus as well as its hormonal loop is harmed by stress. The hypothalamus is in charge of most of the reproductive hormones. It either secretes them directly or provides signals to your body to generate them. Stress disrupts this signaling by causing the overproduction of particular hormones and the underproduction of others.

By establishing a hostile environment in your body, stress lowers the quality of your eggs. It causes inflammation and encourages bad eating habits, both of which may worsen the problem.

These systems work together to cause serious reproductive problems. Fertility massage helps your endocrine system and reproductive system communicate better (hormonal system). It also soothes the mind and restores the hypothalamus’s functioning.

When your cortisol output is under control, your libido rises as well. It enables you to appreciate the procedure and turn it into a good experience.

Does Fertility Massage Work With IVF?

If you’re using in-vitro fertilization or intrauterine insemination (IUI), you may also have a fertility massage (IVF). IVF is a kind of aided reproduction in which fertilization occurs outside of the body. After that, the embryo is placed in the uterus for implantation.

According to observational research, fertility massage combined with IVF improves pregnancy outcomes. Experts believe that:

The patient relaxes and their stress levels decrease, which aids embryo implantation in the uterus.

The implanted embryo doesn’t get ejected out when uterine contractions decrease. It is accepted by the body, and the pregnancy process begins.

Blood flow to the abdomen area increases, strengthening the uterine cavity and speeding up the implantation process.

These results provide a strong basis for establishing fertility massage as a useful adjunct to infertility treatments.

Overall, fertility massage can help boost the IVF success rate. The circulatory and lymphatic system stimulation and increased blood circulation to the pelvic region make fertility massage an excellent choice for those having trouble conceiving or who want to emphasize self-care and guarantee their body is in the best possible condition once they do intend to start trying for a baby.