Water, in general, is part of our life. Humans, animals, plants, and all living things need water. Scientific research has shown that humans can survive without food for up to three to four days, but cannot do without water. Research has also shown that animals like dogs can stay for months without food as far as they have water to drink. Scientists have observed that part of the Earth is covered by water.

Most diseases that affect humans come from what we pass through our mouths such as food and water. So, to remain healthy, you should have clean fresh water within your reach. One effective way to have clean water is by making use of water filters.

In this article, we will talk about the reasons why should buy a water filter for your home. Keep reading.

  • Why should you buy a water filter to purify my water?

One fact is that bottled water cannot be safer or even cleaner than the water from your tap. No matter how clean your environment is, your tap will still have those chemicals that are not healthy for cooking, bathing, drinking, and other human intakes. The chemicals in the tap consist of microorganisms that are dangerous to the health of humans.

Chlorine is used to treat the whole tap water that has been provided by the government to get rid of bacteria. In many areas, fluoride is added to their drinking water with the hope that it helps the teeth remain healthy. The truth is that fluoride does not help the teeth, and it can be harmful to our overall health.

For some years now, many water districts are beginning to add chloramines into our water. This has made the purification of water to become more difficult because chloramines are not easily removed from the water. What chloramine does is to leave the copper or metal in your pipe and lead them to your water.

A recent study claims that chlorine is responsible for some health problems such as skin irritation, asthma, and different cancers. Most of the problems are as a result of inhalation and absorption of chlorine from the skin while having a shower.

The result of a drinking water test that was carried out shows that every tap water consists of trihalomethanes which are chemicals that are not wanted. This chemical is a VOC (Volatile Organic Chemical) that comes to life after chlorine has been added to water and have reactions with runoff, dead insect or leave, or sewage.

This chemical cannot be easily prevented in the water Systems provided by the government, and it has been reported that the chemical (trihalomethanes) is also responsible for serious sicknesses such as reproductive problems, cancer of the bladder, and many more.

Trihalomethanes can be consumed through absorption, ingestion, and inhalation. For this reason, you should get rid of this dangerous chemical from your water.

When we drink water with contaminants, cook, brush our teeth, bath, or even water our plants with such water, we will be prone to waterborne toxins.

These are some of the most important reasons why you should buy a water filter to remove all the contaminants from your water.

  • Which brand of water filter should you buy?

This is another important question. Before you think about which water filter to buy, you first need to know what your water contains. If you are making use of a municipal water system, a report will always be sent out to you. The report will show if there are any form of contaminants in your water. You can still request their report even before they bring it themselves.

If you are using well water, you can also do a DIY test with a water-safe test kit to know what contaminants you have in your water.

When you know the kind of contaminant you want to filter out from your water, you can be sure about which brand water filter to buy.

The brand of water filter to buy is not too necessary like the filtration method. You should know which method to use, whether it is the mechanical method, absorption, Ion exchange filter, sequestration, or the reverse osmosis filter.

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