Physio In Singapore – 4 Physio Exercise Tips To Enhance Osteoarthritis Symptoms


Osteoarthritis is a common problem for numerous individuals, especially adults and seniors past 60. Osteoarthritis can be a bigger problem. Its severity can lead to losing joint tissue material, leading to possible bone death. Hence many consider opting for physio in Singapore to help rehabilitate the affected area and improve the symptoms over time.

Exercising is perhaps one of the most effective and popular options for enhancing the body’s function, even if you have an injury or suffering from osteoarthritis. Aside from being an effective treatment solution, it also won’t cost you that much. Hence without further ado, here are some physio exercise tips for people with osteoarthritis to improve their body’s function:

Use repetitive movements

Treating osteo in Singapore is not just about using fancy and costly equipment to treat and rehabilitate arthritis conditions. If you’re experiencing the symptoms of osteoarthritis, particularly in the knee area, using repeated knee flexions (without the overpressure) can be beneficial. Warming up the knee by moving it a lot with repetitive movements can ease the symptoms and decrease the fear of movements, which is common among patients with osteoarthritis.

Do staggering stance movements

Bridges and staggered sit-to-stand stances are a few examples of putting your foot forward to some degree that will help form a ‘bridge’. Should you have bilateral and unilateral work, this bridge will serve in between since single-leg training is proven to be an effective exercise without needed external resistance. Hence almost every physio clinic in Singapore promotes this type of exercise to enhance strength and balance for both sides. Nonetheless, it often depends on the patient’s ability and body condition.

Exercise with a bike

There’s nothing better than spending your morning or a cool afternoon with a bike! If you have a stiff or/and soaring knee, bicycling is a low-impact exercise that can reduce the stress on weight-bearing joints in your knee. Thus biking makes it an ideal form of exercise for patients with osteoarthritis. Nonetheless, visiting a physio clinic in Singapore should be your first step before you can start performing bicycle exercises. It will determine if you’re in good form for it. If not, there are other alternatives they can provide.

Do posterior chain

The posterior chain often focuses on the hamstrings and your lower back. Performing such exercise relieves pain and enhances your back posture. They also work on the muscles and are a more tolerable option for patients with osteoarthritis. Hence this type can be an alternative to other exercises that involve plenty of knee translation and forwarding.

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