Doing Exercise to Straighten Knock Knees


Knocking knees can be described as a condition in which a person’s knees bend inward and possibly touch each other when the person straightens their legs. The condition occurs due to weakness of the person’s abductor muscles located outside the hips and thighs. To straighten twisted knees, doing abductor strengthening exercises is a good option.

People are not aware of numerous medical conditions, but they can hurt a person’s life. For example, there is a condition called valgus deformity of the knee joint. Here the shape of the knees is strange to the usual. The alignment around the knees is still wrong. Both knees touch when a person is standing, and the ankles remain apart. The problem of cracking in the knees is mainly observed in children.

Here are some of the exercises that can help people with knee deformity:

Lateral lunges. The exercise allows you to train the quads, hamstrings, and abductors in patients. The patient will have to stand with feet shoulder-width apart and hands crossed in front of the chest. You will have to take a big step to the left with constant movement. When a person’s foot hits the ground, one will have to bend the knock knees (genu valgum) and push the buttocks back. When a strong contraction is felt in the thigh and the other thigh, return the foot to its original position and repeat it on the other side.

Lateral raises. The exercise requires a chair or weight bench. Here the exercise should be started from a standing position with the right side facing the bench, and the hands should be in front of the chest. You need to put your right foot on the bench, press the other foot to the floor, and slowly raise your body. The same should be repeated with the other leg.

Cable abduction. The method uses a cable machine to strengthen the outer hips and thighs. Here the ankle brace should be attached to the lower leg and the calf of the right leg. The person should stand with the left shoulder toward the weight stack.

Lying abduction. It is done by lying on the floor in a lateral position, where the patient should lie on their right side with their legs bent. The left leg should be raised at a 45-degree angle and held in the same position for several seconds. The same should be done on the other side of the body. These exercises will benefit patients who want to straighten their sore knees.