Why Use Hot Tub Clarifier?


Typically talking, spa clarifiers have three unique purposes:


  • Cleaning up overcast water from a number of possible resources
  • Keeping hot tub pH equilibrium
  • Enhancing jacuzzi filter performance

When making use of a clarifier, most of the particles that cause cloudiness in water are globed with each other. This significantly minimizes cloudiness while likewise keeping the pH degrees as well as minimizing tension on the filter; larger particles are simpler for the filter to grab, as well as prevent from making their means right into the water.

Clarifier Types

There are a couple of details clarifier kinds to consider:

  • Coagulation/Flocculation: This is the procedure explained over, where smaller sized fragments are stuck till they’re huge enough to be recorded by the hot tub’s purification system. Lots of such clarifier products exist, including numerous that utilize recycled products.
  • Enzymes: In various other instances, clarifier items will include enzymes that are indicated to really eat the organic and not natural fragments causing clouding or various other concerns. These enzymes, which can originate from all-natural resources, will track and get rid of such fragments in a short period of time. They eliminate contaminants like creams, oils, sweat, as well as different cosmetic products.

Disinfecting Compatibility

Some spa owners have one problem when utilizing clarifiers is whether the item works with the sanitizing system already in place for the jacuzzi. Luckily, the answer is yes: Both flocculation systems, as well as enzyme systems, can be utilized alongside any kind of modern-day sanitizer kind, so you can continue without any worries.

When to Use Clarifier

A clarifier is beneficial due to the fact that it can be utilized in a range of circumstances. Some hot tub owners select to utilize it once a week as a preventive technique versus clouding, but you also can utilize it when particular troubles crop up; there is no limit or maximum to how typically they can be used.