What Is The Best Home Water Filter System Under $400?



It is no longer news that a water filter system is a very important item every home must hold. The municipal water is usually not in the purest form at the point of consumption, therefore, there is a need for us to take appropriate measures to ensure that our entire household has access to clean and healthy water.

The best water filter is that which can offer complete protection for the home, and of course, the most convenient one. Also, we can’t always rule out the cost factor when looking out for the best water filter. The cost factor is very important as it is one of the factors that make people reluctant about getting a water filter. But right here is a list that contains the best water filter systems that you can have in your home without breaking the bank.  These systems can all be found at www.usaberkey.com

You don’t have to spend a thousand dollars before you can drink or use purified water in your home. You can buy great quality, effective, and easy-to-use water filters from Berkey filters. At USA Berkey Filters, you can get water filters that will be of great use to you and your family for less than $400.

Finding a water filter under $400

There is absolutely no reason to endure poor water quality in your home. You deserve pure, healthy, and clean water instead. No matter what your budget is, Berkey has something for you. Berkey filters have water filters under $400, these are some you may want to choose from:

  • Big Berkey Water Filter at $278.00

This water filter is a top-selling model of all time. It has been around for more than 10 years with impeccable quality. Big Berkey Water Filter is great for a family of four. It can be easily transported. This product holds about 8.5 liters of water and has a lifetime warranty. For a $278.00 water filter, it can serve as a great solution to your water problems. Big Berkey Water filter removes chemicals, plastics, metals from all sources of water.

Features of Big Berkey Water Filter: It is a highly polished stainless steel/ Diameter -8.25″ /Full height -19.25″/ Holding capacity -8.5 liters (2.25 gallons).

  • Travel Berkey Water Filter at $249.00

Travel Berkey is a smart water filter option. It is designed for travel purposes. For this, the product is made compact and portable. You can easily go around with Travel Berkey water filter on all your travels and it is also great for emergencies. This product can serve up to 3 people. It has a capacity of 1.5 gallons.

  • Royal Berkey Water Filter at $305.00

This product is a mid-range water purification system. This is the perfect solution for clean, purified water. The Royal Berkey Water Filter is 100% gravity fed. It does not require electricity or pressure. The Royal Berkey water filter can remove chemicals, plastics, harmful metals, and other contaminants from nearly all sources of water. This product includes two Black Berkey and has a storage capacity of roughly 12.3 liters. The Royal Berkey can filter up to 8 gallons per hour which makes it a good choice for a fairly large household.

  • Imperial Berkey Water Filter at $335.00

When looking to provide clean filtered water to a large group of people, this will make the best option. This is a great product for churches, orphanages, households, hospitals, and teams of up to eight members. It is great for outdoor activities and emergencies.

One of the good things about this product is that it uses an off-grid filtration system. It works free of electricity, pressure, or gas. It removes a wide range of toxic substances from water.

  • Crown Berkey Water Filter at $360.00

This product is the largest Berkey water filter available. The Crown Berkey Water Filter System is made to cater for medium to large gatherings. It can be used for outdoor activities and emergencies. It can hold about 22.7 gallons of water and can filter up to 98.4 liters. Large gatherings like churches, orphanages, etc can benefit a lot from the Crown Berkey Water Filter.

All of this goodness is made available at under $400.