What is best medicine for vertigo?


What is vertigo?

Vertigo is a spinning sensation of the world around you. It is not a normal headache in the sense that it is not painful. Vertigo can be described easily as the world is spinning around you. Sometimes, it can go away on its own. Sometimes, some people need to take medicine or undergo a medical treatment in order to stop vertigo. So, how do you stop vertigo? Is there any medicine that can help to stop this condition?

What is the best medicine for vertigo?

In our country, the best medicine that can help to clear vertigo is Prochlorperazine. This drug is commonly used to treat vertigo that was caused by Meniere’s disease, vertigo, nausea, vomiting and also a mental illness called schizophrenia. It is usually sold in a tablet form and can be found in the quantity of 5mg per tablet. You can easily get this drug over the counter at your local pharmacy or health stores.

How do I take this medicine?

As Prochlorperazine comes in a tablet form, this drug must be taken orally. Normally, it needs to be taken three to four times a day for an adult and one to three times a day for children. However, the dose really needs to depend on your doctor. Before prescribing this medication to you, your doctor will need to ask some important questions such as your general health condition, medications, diseases and also other areas that might affect your health. Then, he or she will decide about what is the correct dose for your body. Make sure you follow your doctor’s prescription before taking this drug. Do not increase or decrease the dose on your own. Besides, you need to make sure you read and understand the drug’s label before taking it.

Are there some warnings that I need to be aware of before taking Prochlorperazine?

Yes, all the drugs in this world have their own warning and limitations. This is also true for Prochlorperazine. The list below are some warnings that you need to consider before taking this drug:

  • Alcohol. Do not take this drug together with alcohol. It is found that alcohol can affect the central nervous system if taken together with this drug. Hence, you might want to limit or stop drinking alcohol immediately if you want to use this drug.
  • Pregnant women. For pregnant women, it is not recommended to take Prochlorperazine. A study has shown that animals that were injected with this drug will cause some effect to their fetus. This is why it is not recommended for any pregnant woman to go for this drug. However, there are limited facts on the use of Prochlorperazine towards human fetus. So, it is best to avoid using it until a medical fact can be established.
  • Lactation. Same as the study mentioned above, Prochlorperazine was also found in animal’s breasts. Hence, it would be a good idea to avoid taking this drug if you are breastfeeding. Again, there are limited studies on humans up until now.
  • Driving. Do not drive if you are taking this drug. This is because Prochlorperazine can cause some side effects such as drowsiness. Hence, it is not suitable to be used while driving because it can lead to any accident. You also need to avoid any activity that requires mental focus.
  • Kidney. Until now, there is still no evident about the use of this drug on the kidney. So, you need to ask your doctor about any possible effect of Prochlorperazine on your kidney.
  • Liver. The same as kidney. Ask your doctor about any possible side effects that may happen toward your liver.