What Are the Questions to Ask a Podiatrist?


A podiatrist looks after one of our body’s most neglected parts: the feet. You hardly notice them on your morning run or when waiting in line at the grocery store as they support your entire body weight. However, once they start harming you, they have the potential to change your life. Hence, a podiatrist recommends taking foot problems seriously. Otherwise, it can worsen and may cause other health-related issues. While visiting a podiatrist in Roswell, make sure you ask the following questions.

Q. What causes my foot too much pain?

Ans. While you visit a podiatrist, this question should be asked in order to know the cause of your pain. The doctor will start by telling how foot pain occurs and its symptoms. After that, he will examine your foot and will explain to you the major precautions that must be taken during such medical conditions. Moreover, pain in the foot occurs due to ankle twisting or bunions. In some cases, it can be due to a sprained ankle. Hence, many steps or precautions can be taken in order to avoid such complications.

Q. What are the best therapies for the treatment of feet?

Ans. For treating foot pain, there are various treatments according to the type of foot pain. It implies that if the cause of foot pain is arthritis, treatment will be according to it. Moreover, a podiatrist will first provide a diagnosis along with a proper treatment plan to follow. Thus, if the patient feels like they are not comfortable with the treatment option, the podiatrist will provide medications or other therapies options.

Q. What are the habits that damage our feet?

Ans. The 12 habits that damage our feet: insights from a Podiatrist are:

  1. Wearing shoes without socks.
  2. Regularly wearing heels.
  3. Using old sports shoes.
  4. Insufficient rest of your feet.
  5. Running barefoot.
  6. Wearing flats on a regular basis.
  7. Wearing worn-out shoes regularly.
  8. Not taking feet pain seriously.
  9. Unhealthy eating habits.
  10. Not washing feet regularly.
  11. Low maintenance of your foot.
  12. Not following the feet care tips regularly.

Q. How can I prevent foot problems?

Ans. Another important question that must be asked from the podiatrist is what are the precautions that you can take to prevent foot problems. So, your doctor will make you a list of precautions that you need to follow to prevent foot problems. Hence, you may also ask for home remedies that can help you long-term.


Before you visit the podiatrist, make sure to analyse your foot problem properly. After that, make sure you tell your problem to the doctor accurately. Hence, you will be given the right treatment at the right time.