Water Dispenser: The Best Choices Now


The functionality that allows you to have hot water is not the most common among the existing options of a fountain, but it is becoming more democratic. If temperate water and cool water are more common, hot water is nonetheless highly appreciated during the winter months.

Why choose a hot water dispenser?

Indeed, it allows your collaborators, employees and customers to prepare a hot drink, such as tea, coffee, or even soup. This type of distributor is ideal in a company with a large number of employees, where an electric kettle will not have enough output.

To function correctly, the fountain has an electrical resistance which makes it possible to make hot water by contact with the distribution circuit. The same way you press a button to get cold water, here you get hot water! Some devices even have an option that allows you to set the water temperature, lukewarm, hot (70 °), boiling (100 °).

Which distributors include this option?

As for the fountains offering fresh water, the heating device is found on the mains water fountain. This type of machine allows more options and generally has a filter system which purifies the water of all impurities: chlorine, limestone, residue, etc.

Many accessories and options are available with the hot water dispensers. You can therefore choose a system with two separate taps for cold water and hot water with removable tank or not. In the case of a machine delivering boiling water, it is possible to install a child safety device in order to avoid accidents. Level indicator,adjustable support, choice of temperatures, immediate heating system are other possibilities available to you.

Hot water fountain tea preparation

Machine maintenance and price

In terms of maintenance, you will need to perform regular maintenance to avoid complications. Depending on how often the hot water source is used, it will be necessary to clean the system more often than a machine that just dispenses cool water. Due to the device which rises to high temperature, limestone clings more easily to the walls of conduits and other reservoirs. Remember to clean and disinfect the machine by changing the filter cartridge.

In terms of pricing, prices can range from 500 € to over 1000 € depending on the desired performance. A larger capacity and a faster heating system  will have a higher price than a preheating machine.

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