Unconventional Businesses That Have Thrived Despite Their Weirdness Factor


Building a business from scratch is hard work, not to mention stressful and risky. In today’s economy, some people have resorted to becoming an entrepreneur to make their own jobs. Some have opened conventional brick-and-mortar businesses like starting their own CBD Oil Shop in Millcreek, Utah. Others have decided to utilize technology and create opportunities for themselves.

Sometimes, tough times force people to become creative and come up with unusual yet brilliant ideas to help make ends meet. Other times it’s just a case of creativity that works for certain market niches. Whichever the case is, brilliantly unusual or unusually brilliant ideas become successful business ventures. We have listed down a few unconventional but creative businesses that are doing exceptionally well in today’s market. 

5 Wacky But Brilliant Business Ideas That Are Thriving Today

  1. Hangover Helpers

A couple of college guys from Boulder, CO hatched this genius plan of hiring out their services to people too hungover from partying the previous night. They make their services available to help make life easier for those who partied too hard the night before.

They cook for them. They clean the place up. They run errands for them. All these in exchange for a fee. So far, these guys have been featured in several reputable magazines and talk shows. Not only that, they have enough bookings to keep them busy for as long as they keep the business going. 

  1. The Smashing Place

Have you ever felt some sense of satisfaction or been relieved of stress whenever you break something? Have you ever felt like letting all that pent up stress or energy out and take it out on plates, cups, and saucers? 

That’s the main idea for this Tokyo-based business. The Smashing Place lets people come in to buy cups or plates of their choice only to smash them against concrete walls. As a customer, you can even throw temper tantrums as you break things. Fun, right? 

  1. Doll Hospital

Although the concept of doll hospitals aren’t exactly new, it is one that is not as popular but is a lucrative business to consider. There is a niche market for doll and toy collectors that is rich with clients who are willing to pay handsomely for the restoration of their beloved toys. 

If you’re into dolls and know a trick or two in fixing them and making them as good as new, then this might be a great idea to consider. 

  1. The Lice Place

Lice are pests that can be quite bothersome. This is why parents are particular about their children’s hair care and are careful enough not to let infestations take place on their children’s heads. 

The good news is there are a few businesses dedicated to lice removals, such as The Lice Place (formerly The Texas Lice Squad) and several others. All it takes is a little search on Google. 

  1. I Do, Now I Don’t

This may seem like a wacky business idea, but this one started from a sob story. The company’s founder, Josh Opperman, was left by his fiancee after three months of engagement. She returned the engagement ring which he worked hard to save up for. 

He took the ring back to the place where he bought it from only to be taken aback by the offer the jeweler made. The ring that he bought for over $10,000 only got an offer of $3500. He started a website to let folks in the same situation resell their engagement rings (and other fancy jewelry) and get better rates than they would if they were to go to a jewelry shop. 

Now you don’t need to go creating a weird business just because it worked for others. You have to remember that the reason they are successful is they filled in and met certain needs, even if folks don’t realize they need it. At least not yet. The best way to go about starting a business is finding out how you can help satisfy others’ needs even in the strangest way.