Top 4 reasons why the gastric balloon is a great weight loss choice


Weight loss can be very challenging for people who have been identified with class 2 and 3 Obesity. This is a situation where even with exercise and diet also the weight loss is not happening. This is when people need to undergo weight loss surgery to avoid the complexities that can be caused by Obesity.

It is noticed by the professionals that the weight loss surgery is not an easy procedure, you have to prepare substantially to be able to get it done effectively. It involves a lot of diet and lifestyle changes. These points will help you if you are looking for weight loss surgery.

How do I prepare for my bariatric surgery?

Once your medical and physical conditions are examined and your doctor suggests that you can undergo the weight loss surgery, you will have to begin preparing for the pre and post-surgery life. It is important to plan efficiently with time on hands to ensure that the surgery is safe and successful.

The studies suggest that if you lose even 1% weight before the surgery you tend to lose 1.8% more weight and spend approximately 36 minutes lesser in the operating room because the surgeons could operate easily.

Lifestyle changes

Weight loss surgery demands major lifestyle changes but taking one step at a time can help you build healthy habits which you have to follow for a very long time.

Pre-surgery diet needs to be followed where you have to consume high protein food with low carbohydrate to reduce fat on the liver which helps in surgery.

Other lifestyle changes before weight loss surgery include:

  • No Smoking
  • stopping your alcohol intake
  • Limited amounts of exercise
  • Multivitamin consumption
  • Changed eating habits
  • pre-surgery preparations

After these changes it is important to get a consultation from your medical and insurance team to ensure that all the paperwork is in place, you meet all the requirements for surgery and have the required information needed for surgery and recovery.

These points can help you understand how you might have to prepare if you are planning for weight loss surgery.