The Skin Wonder from Africa, Shea Butter at Lookfantastic


Shea Butter is a butter extracted from the nut of Shea tree which is found at the abundance in Africa. The tree gives off its seeds after 20 years of maturity and once it is fully matured at the age of 45, then it gives off Shea nut in abundance. This butter has now become the key ingredient in the beauty industry and many brands and manufacturers are using it as the key component in many soaps, lotions, creams, conditioner shampoos, nail care items, and makeup. Lookfantastic has many brands offering different products made solely with Shea Butter, if you’re looking for such product then shop at Lookfantastic and use the Lookfantastic discount code to avail some price off on the product you like.

Forms of Shea Butter

Three forms of Shea Butter are used in the markets which are then refined, unrefined, and organic. The refined Shea Butter is in white and has no natural aroma while the one which is unrefined dis organic is available in its natural yellow color and has a very nutty cocoa aroma to it. Even though both have the same properties but manufacturers prefer organic and unrefined more because of its effective qualities on the skin. You can get a whole bund of variety of unrefined Shea Butter products at Lookfantastic and with the use of Lookfantastic discount code; you can get them at a lower price since they are a little expensive.

Its Uses

Shea Butter has many uses, but one of the major and most prominent uses of this ingredient is as a moisturizer. Since this is a natural butter, it has the property to keep your hair, scalp, and body moisturized. This is the reason why many women prefer purchasing Shea butter based shampoos, condit0oners, creams, and body rubs. And if one gets their hands on the pure Shea Butter products at Lookfantastic, they may find a very visible effect on their skin. Their stretch marks will vanish, scars will become light and will vanish eventually, their skin will get healthy and hydrated and it will have a good effect on chronic dry diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis. Pure Shea Butter products may be a little expensive but with the use of Lookfantastic discount code, you can get them at a lower rate.

The Cost of It

Many people may find Shea Butter products a little expensive. This is because Shea Butter is made with Shea butter imported directly from Africa. Since these trees have a lengthy aging process, they start to give off nuts at the age of 20 and then start its full production by the age of 45, hence the lengthy process makes it an expensive ingredient. However many brands have mixed either refined Shea Butter to cut on the cost or they have used certain different materials to be mixed with the butter. Lookfantastic however has made Shea Butter product shopping easy. They have products lower than the market rate and with the use of Lookfantastic discount code you get further discounts on the products you love.