The Importance of Relapse Prevention Plan


It is a known fact that recovering from drug or alcohol addiction isn’t a quick process. A person needs to overcome the withdrawal symptoms and ignore the craving signs. Many aren’t able to avoid longing for consumption of drugs or alcohol and fall prey to the relapsing phase. It jeopardizes their plan to lead a good life by leaving behind the intake of drugs or alcohol. Eventually, the addicted person falls prey to severe health disorder symptoms.

The drug rehab centers like Arrow Passage Recovery in Massillon, Ohio provide many counseling sessions involving various psychological treatments that are useful for relapse prevention with ease. They believe in providing the highest quality medical care for every patient by introducing different effective approaches as the need for treatment varies as per the person’s needs and medical history.

More about relapse and steps to avoid it-

  • It happens in three ways. In the initial phase, the person becomes quite emotional and prefers to again try drugs or alcohol to erase the negative thoughts.
    • Emotional – They feel depressive and to improve their mental condition focus to use the drugs again. An alcoholic person thinks that consuming alcoholic drinks again will make them feel alive and happy. Actually, the withdrawal symptoms influence the mind of the person to again consume drugs to get rid of physical and mental discomfort.
    • Mental relapse- They are experiencing mental trauma like depression, excessive stress and anxiety. They remember the good times they had with their buddies while enjoying drugs or alcohol. Those past moments envelop their mind and motivate them to try once again to regain their short-term liveliness.
    • Physical involvement – They finally prefer to take drugs or alcohol as no longer they can suppress the craving for the harmful substances.
  • Usually, relapse happens when a person experiences the triggers again. It is best to avoid them totally.
    • The influencing elements are their friends who are still addicted to alcohol or abused substances. They can remember their reasons for quitting which controls their thoughts to stay positive. The past dreadful moments when they were under the influence of drugs or alcohol make them think twice to fall into the pit of unhealthy intake of abused substances again.
    • The withdrawal symptoms never let go of them to enjoy a healthy life. The varied kinds of pain, stomach upset, breathing issues and more force them to again use the drugs to have relief from the physical discomfort.
    • Loneliness, bad relationship, mental stress affect the life of the person motivating them to have drugs again.
    • Their lifestyle plays a greater role in relapsing as they aren’t taking care of their health and fitness. That results in spending sleepless nights, no ambitions to lead a physical and mentally stable life.

One of the effective ways to prevent succumbing to drug or alcohol addiction is to seek professional help and advice. Their valued suggestions, counseling programs and group discussions are a great aid to shed the cravings to use drugs or to drink alcohol again. The person is again able to focus on leading a healthy life as they are cured emotionally and physically.