The Facts Behind Nicotine


There is a considerable amount of data accessible about how nicotine influences the body, however do you know how nicotine impacts the mind? Many people who use nicotine don’t have this data, butare most likely keen on learning about this information. That is the reason the infographic, How Nicotine Affects The Brain, was made.

What is nicotine? Where does it originate from? A compound accessible in a few structures, nicotine contains nitrogen and is delivered by a few types of plants, including the tobacco plant. Nicotine happens all through the tobacco plant and is found predominantly in the leaves. The plant and the compound were named for Jean Nicot, a French envoy to Portugal, who sent tobacco seeds to Paris in 1550.

Nicotine has different effects on different pieces of the body, including the Brain, yet, the consequences for the mind are among the most fascinating. To figure out how this natural compound interacts with our brains, read the infographic.