The 12th House of Astrology


The 12 House of Astrology is fitting simple, yet infinitely complex. Alternatively known in Vedic astrology as the House of Subconscious, it is the House that governs the very recesses of your soul. 

It represents the immutable fullness of your very existence and spirituality: from what you know about yourself to the things you don’t quite yet know nor wish to know. If you’ve ever wondered why questions like “what does it mean to live” and “what is my purpose in life” are so difficult to answer, it’s really because all of these are connected to the 12th House.

Therefore, because of its abstract nature, it’s among the most difficult to understand or connect with. In addition, people often fear it when their planets align with this specific House because it usually means the karmic wrath of the cosmos could strike you at any time. 

But as with all other negative things, there’s the very real reason to hope, and there are benefits to be reaped. The succeeding sections will give you a sense of exactly what to look out for.

The Final House – What is it?

Governed by Neptune and Pisces, the Twelfth House is concerned with your innermost self. What makes this a particularly difficult concept to understand is the fact that many of the things that make up your spirituality are things only you know. For example, only you know what you really want in life. You know your ambitions, the names of the people you love and hate, and even your deepest doubts.

At best, people can look at you and try to evaluate your behavior, but knowing who you really are and having the courage to do so are things only you can do. In this sense, when people seek astrologers for help, particularly with this House, they come anxious and eager at once to know more about what the stars can tell about them.

Due to its very personal nature, it’s also unsurprising that this House also governs the things people do in secret. Perhaps you’re like Sheldon Cooper, who secretly plays hacky sack at a secret room in CalTech, or you took up college while preferring a different field of study.

Peculiarly enough, this is precisely why I find this to be the most interesting among all the Houses. Unlike the others, it is never really clear what your insecurities, worries, and aspirations are. Sure, I know the 6th House is basically about improving your health, for example, but you never seem to quite know what you really are because you’re always discovering something new about yourself every day.

Thankfully, you’re not without guides. Vedic astrology studies the movements of the stars and planets very closely in order to provide greater insight as to what you can expect to know about yourself. Hence, you know a bit more than you think: Pisces, for one, can be secretive when the Twelfth House is in it.

If you think about it, the 12th House astrology is unique precisely because it presents the challenge of self-discovery. But it’s not without its dangers: those whose planets align with this House know to fear karma because deep down, everyone is aware that the things they do will always return to them– often with interest! Even worse, do enough evil things, and you could be worse off in your next incarnation.

But this doesn’t mean you need to worry. After all, when there’s life, there’s hope– and there are several things you can do to make sure you are at constant peace with this House.

What Can I Do With the 12th?

Even more so than the other Houses, it is highly recommended that you not only read up on your specific astrological sign but also reach out to your nearest astrologer. Often, the reason why people find it hard to make peace with the Twelfth is because of the fear that they might unravel something bad: perhaps insecurity you don’t wish to acknowledge, or the weight of your own karma.

Whatever your fears might be, know that I completely understand you. I used to be afraid of going to my nearest astrologer precisely because I was hiding something deep down and didn’t wish to confide with anyone about it. But then I realized that there were things more important than my fears; that to live a fulfilling life, I had to know more about myself.

After all, as the philosopher, Socrates once said: “The unexamined life is not worth living.” In this sense, you also have to take the time and examine your life. Don’t be afraid to seek help from an expert on planetary movements; you might discover something about yourself that could help you mend a broken relationship, advance your career, or simply make you feel better.

The greatest way to summarize all of this is that knowing about yourself takes real courage and strength, but you also don’t have to do it alone. Confiding with an astrologer near you could prove to be the first step on your path to even greater peace. 

Indeed, it is fitting that the path to discovery belongs to the 12 House astrology, for the ending always opens up a new beginning.