Subtle Signs Your Husband May Have a Drinking Problem


When someone you live with drinks alcohol, it isn’t always easy to recognise if they’ve developed an addiction. The signs of your husband’s changed behaviour may be subtle, particularly if he drank heavily in the past without seeming to have any issues. However, these days alcoholism can be treated successfully and permanently with drug treatment in north wales AND rehabilitation programmes, so there are options available even if your husband refuses to acknowledge his drinking has become a problem. Find out more about how to tell if your husband has developed an alcohol addiction in this detailed guide on subtle signs of drinking problems.

His health is failing

If your husband is drinking heavily, it will take a toll on his health. He may start to look unwell, lose weight, or have trouble sleeping. If he used to be active and now can’t seem to find the energy for anything, it could be a sign that alcohol is sapping his strength.  You’ll also notice changes in his behaviour: he may become moody, anxious, or argumentative. It’s important to realise these warning signs before they worsen and become impossible to reverse.

He’s drinking at times when he used to avoid it

In the past, your husband may have avoided drinking alcohol because he had to get up early for work or because he knew you didn’t like it when he drank. Now, however, he may be more likely to drink at times when he used to avoid it. This could be a sign that he’s developed a drinking problem. The fact that he drinks even though there are consequences is also a sign of addiction.

The changes in his behaviour will vary depending on what type of alcoholic beverage he’s consuming and how much: If he typically drinks beer, wine, or liquor, he may display different signs of addiction than if his preferred drink is hard liquor and mixed drinks.

He tries but can’t control his drinking

If your husband used to be able to drink in moderation but now can’t seem to control his consumption, it may be a sign that he’s developed an addiction. If he regularly drinks more than he intended to or tries to cut back but can’t seem to stick to his plan, it’s worth considering whether alcohol has become a problem.

His emotions are harder to read

You may have noticed that his emotional responses to things are more difficult to read than they used to be. He may seem more distant or irritable, and it may be hard to get him to open up about how he’s feeling. This could be a sign that he’s using alcohol as a way to cope with his emotions, rather than dealing with them head-on.

He stops doing things that were important to him before

Your husband may have developed an addiction to alcohol if he suddenly stops doing things that were important to him before, like going to the gym or hanging out with friends. This could be because he’s using all his free time to drink, or because he’s too hungover to do anything else. If your husband has become more distant and seems like he’s not interested in the things that used to make him happy, it could be a sign of a drinking problem.

He becomes secretive about how much he’s drinking

If your husband is suddenly being secretive about his alcohol consumption, it may be a sign that he’s drinking more than he’s comfortable with. He may make excuses for why he’s drinking, or try to hide alcohol in the house. If you notice this behaviour, it’s important to have a conversation with him about his drinking.