Smartest Options for the Best CBD Cartridge Now


The smoker, the “first-time” vaper, the smoker who wants to reduce his consumption of cigarettes and  or attempt a complete withdrawal. If we cannot speak of an infallible method, it is an undeniable help that proves its worth. The cbd cartridge who punctually needs a light, discreet auxiliary equipment.

What type of vape produces a pod?

A pod is not designed for dense steam and “clouds”. Steam is not absent from the pods, some models even produce a nice quantity. With a pod, we are in an indirect inhalation vape, a close draw, close to a real cigarette.

Choose your pod

Several criteria are important to choose your oil cartridge pen. But above all let us specify that the low capacity of the battery, the small capacity of the tanks, is not inevitably negative points as for classical equipment. Vaporizing pod with a suitable liquid also means less vape than with conventional liquid and little nicotine. The need for autonomy is therefore less important.

The reservoir of the pod

The tanks usually have a capacity of 2ml. There are pods that have cartridges pre-filled with liquid and cartridges to fill. The pre-filled cartridge allows to have immediate “plug & play” ready to vaper. But the choice of the liquid is narrower

The filling is often done with a silicone cap that must be removed. Filling is a little tricky with some vials of liquids and even impossible for glass pipettes. On the other hand, the most common PET bottles with pourer are adapted to the cartridges. In the worst case you can use a small syringe.

The resistance of the pod

We are usually with small resistance values ​​around 1.0Ω, 1.20Ω. These resistors do not need a lot of power to work. It is however imperative to respect the boot time. That is, the time that the cotton fiber has time to imbibe liquid. The resistances are so small that we must not wait long. 5 to 10 minutes will suffice.

What liquid to use?

E liquids with nicotine salts, and CBD, are designed for this type of material. We are often on vegetable glycerin levels that do not exceed 50%. Above, the resistance cannot absorb the viscous liquid. You will find all the e liquids with nicotine salts on this page and the e liquid with the CBD on this page.

Vape well with a pod

The habitual vapoteur will be surprised. With a pod you almost have to find smoker’s reflexes. The vapor pen cartridges  come useful there.