Samsung Ultrasound HS50- Practical Choice For Superior Imaging


The Samsung Ultrasound HS50 is a multi-purpose diagnostic system or device. It is designed to cover all the wide ranges of applications such as gynecology, pediatric, neonatal cephalic, abdominal, adult cardiac, peripheral vessel as well as pediatric and more. The Samsung HS50 is an S-Vision architecture technology that provides high support performance like 21.5-inch LED monitor / 10.1-inch touch screen / Solid State Drive. It is fully customizable with 3(three) premium single-crystal S-Vue transducers technology (CA1-7AD, CA2-9AD, CV1-8AD). These transducers are very much effective which cover a wide range, requirements from high to low frequency on even challenging patients. The Samsung Ultrasound HS50 supports the unique and automated 5D diagnostic solutions (5D NT™, 5D Follicle™).

The Samsung Ultrasound HS50 is the technology that will help the physician diagnose during the pregnancy stages. On the other side, the cardiovascular option in the Samsung HS80 is limited. In Samsung Ultrasound HS50 technology, there is a wide linear transducers array in the General Imaging feature, which generally enhances the quality of the interventional procedure or process. The Samsung HS50 becomes sleeker, as well as lighter.

The Samsung Ultrasound HS50 is the best choice for superior imaging with enhanced workflow. Experience the different levels of imaging with Samsung’s advanced imaging technologies including S-Harmonic™ and S-Vue™ transducers.

The Samsung HS50 is being categorized, as an Ultrasound system. In general, the Samsung systems are known for being the great ergonomic system or device which integrate the easy to use a feature. The advanced image functions of the Samsung HS50 ultrasound is S-Harmonic™, (it is nothing but a new harmonic technology or device which provides a greater image uniformity from near to far by reducing the signal noise), Clear Vision, S-Flow™

With the help of the Samsung touch interface, the options greatly increase the work efficiency by reducing the workload from repeated operations and actions. These interfaces options; include some workflow-improving tools like (Quick Preset, EZ-Exam+™, EZ-Compare™, Advanced QuickScan™). The Samsung HS50 Ultrasound systems are rich in features for both General Imaging as well as OB/GYN applications. In the medical profession, the Dansys-Samsung HS50 is the best option for the ultrasound system.

The Samsung Ultrasound HS50 21.5-inch full HD LED monitor is an exclusive feature that delivers an excellent contrast resolution, vibrant color as well as image clarity in every lighting condition. And the 10.1-inch touchscreen is a highly sensitive system, which allows the user to get an efficient interaction while the examination or tests. And the SSD which, is known as Solid State Drive. The stable, as well as dependable drives, allow the faster boot-up, with better frames rates, as well as fast processing speeds.

Few features of Samsung Ultrasound HS50

1. Quick Preset:- The HS50 Samsung Ultrasound’s quick preset presents the four connected transducers. The one-touch of the quick preset maximizes its adjusting function.

2.EZ-Exam:- In Samsung Ultrasound HS50 the EZ-Exam  transforms multiple ultrasound investigation steps into a streamlined process. Which enables you to build a fast as well as convenient diagnostic. It’s done by storing and optimizing the preferred protocols.

3.EZ-Compare: – You can easily access and evaluate in a side-by-side display. If you want greater efficiency in the Samsung Ultrasound HS50 system, the EZ-Compare automatically matches the images settings and also the annotations.

4.21.5-inch LED monitor: – The HS50 Samsung Ultrasound 21.5-inch LED monitor delivers an excellent contrast resolution with image clarity and vibrant color in all lighting conditions.

5.10.1-inch touchscreen: – The Samsung HS50 Ultrasound 10.1-inch touchscreen is a highly sensitive system, which allows the user to get an efficient interaction while the examination or tests.

6.Noise Free: – This exceptionally quiet system of Samsung HS50 Ultrasound allows the physical examination to be performed, including the auscultation while the Samsung HS50 Ultrasound device is turned on.

7.NeedleMate+™: – The NeedleMate+™ is nothing but it’s a Needle guidance technology. It ensures precise needle targeting while performing the intervention process or procedure.

8.Beam Steer: – The Beam Steer allows the linear ultrasound image which will automatically improve the needle visibility when the insolation, as well as the needle angle, is perpendicular to each other.

9.Auto IMT+: – The Samsung Ultrasound HS50 Auto IMT+ screening tool is semi-automated which allows measuring the intima-media thickness of both the anterior and posterior wall of the common carotid.

10.S-Vue™ transducers: – The HS50 Samsung Ultrasound system in a single-crystal technology. It provides more efficient piezoelectric results. So that it enables you to get a better penetration result even on challenging patients.

Simple Screening for infertility

5D Follicle™: -In Samsung HS50 Ultrasound, you can see this 5D Follicle™ which is theirs to identify as well as and measures the multiple ovarian follicles of the follicular size during the gynecology examinations or tests.

5D NT: – With the help of Samsung 5D NT™, the operator helps to reduce the first trimester fetal (NT) Nuchal Translucency measurement. The Samsung ultrasound HS50’s 5D NT™ allows the users to obtain the true mid-sagittal by rotating the auto-zooming image. This Samsung 5D NT™  advanced technology is very useful for difficult cases in the fetal position.

Here are a few Samsung Ultrasound HS50 Applications;

    • Abdomen
    • Cardiac
    • Gynecology
    • MSK
    • Obstetrics
    • Pediatric
    • Small Parts
    • Urology
    • Vascular

Dansys-Samsung Ultrasound HS50 is an FDA-approved technology.

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