Rehabilitating a sprained ankle 


Ankle joint sprains are common injuries that can cause lifelong troubles. Some individuals with re-injury or extreme sprains can create long-lasting joint discomfort, and also weak points. Prompt treatment and consistent rehabilitation can help stop continuous ankle joint issues.

Rehabilitation exercises are crucial to ensure that the ankle joint completely heals, it is also a follow up exercise to sprained ankle treatment, as well as avoid any reinjury. Do seek professional advice beforehand to determine the suitable exercises for your condition. 

Begin rehabilitation with range-of-motion exercises in the very first 72 hrs after your injury. Continue with further rehabilitation, including stretching, strength training, and balance workouts, over the following weeks to months.

Range-of-motion workouts

This should begin right after your injury and can be done when you are at rest. Take note to ice your ankle after every session.

Range-of-motion workouts emphasize ankle movement in all directions, you can trace out shapes or alphabets using your toe, repeating it for a few times.

While sitting, place your foot on a towel on the floor and scrunch the towel with your toes and move it towards you, after the that using your toes once again, push the towel away from you. You can increase the challenge of this workout by placing objects at both ends of the towel.

Sit on a chair and place your foot on ground level. Move your knee from left to right, with your foot firmly on the ground.  

Stretching workout

Begin by placing your foot on ground level, then press the outside of your foot against stationary items such as the wall surface or heavy furnishings. Hold your foot in place for a few seconds, then loosen up.

 As you gain more confidence, attempt to use an elastic loop around your foot for more resistance. With the loop around your foot, extend your foot against the loop for a few seconds then bring your foot back to its original position. 

Balance workout

Before commencing any balance exercises, make sure to have a person, wall or railing for support nearby to prevent any unwanted slips or falls. 

Balance yourself on your injured foot with both of your arms outstretched. Balance yourself for as long as you can and try to hit the one-minute mark.

Once you are able to balance yourself with outstretched arms, bring both arms back in and hold them across your chest. Try to balance yourself in this position for another minute. Attempt to balance yourself with various arm positions on a daily basis.

As your healing progresses, continue these 3 exercises until your ankle is fully healed. These exercises can also be done even after your ankle heals to protect and strengthen your ankles. 

Rehabilitation is a vital part of sprained ankle healing, never rush the process of rehabilitation to prevent any permanent injuries.