Pain Management With The Help Of Regenerative Medicine

Pain Management

Finding ways for effective pain management has always been a challenge for everyone and is a dire cause of frustration for patients as well as for the doctors. But with the help of different breakthrough technological treatments like stem cell therapy, PRP therapy, and other regenerative therapies innate the healing ability to treat the causes of different pain.

If you are wondering how regenerative medicine is revolutionizing pain management, then here’s your answer. Regenerative medicine is an umbrella term that consists of several specialties in two particular fields that is platelet-rich plasma and stem cell therapy.

Platelet-rich plasma treatment

PRP treatment uses a small sample of your blood and isolates the healing elements called platelets. After that serum is injected into your injured joint, wound, or any damaged area to speed up the healing process. Many hospitals are adapting Regenerative Medicine in Atlanta as their magical way of healing their patients quicker.

Stem Cell Therapy treatment

Stem Cell Therapy also injects healing properties to your injured tissues but this section is made of cells from bone marrow which are extracted from your hip or the donor. Stem cells can morph into the type of cells which surround them. This helps in treating ligament damage, ankle damage, or muscle damages.

Advantages of Regenerative Medicine for Pain Management

Regenerative medicine is a trusted way to fasten up the healing process and the benefits of regenerative medicine for pain management overshadow other pain management treatments for sure.

With the help of regenerative medicine, the doctors avoid resorting to surgery without compromising on the effectiveness and that’s a revolution in the medical world.

It speeds up the healing process by generating a powerful concentration of several growth factors like accelerating healing, stimulation of new cell growth, and division or regeneration of damaged tissue.

Regenerative medicine releases biochemicals that control the level of inflammation in your body and reduce the pain. Many headache specialists in Atlanta also guide their patients to consult from a regenerative medicine specialist if their pain is chronic and persistent.

No matter what is your type of pain, the key to getting rid of pain is to treat the underlying condition which is causing the pain. Whether it’s the rich plasma platelet therapy or stem cell therapy any type of regenerative medicine treatment can help you eliminate the pain rather than masking it. Therefore consult the best professional for Regenerative Medicine in Atlanta.