Nabil Fakih – Interesting Things You Do Not Know About Your Pharmacist 


Even if you do not take prescription medicine, there are high chances that you have benefited from the services of a pharmacist in one way or the other. For instance, a pharmacist might have helped you to choose the best cough medicine over-the-counter for your child, or one might have reminded you that it is time for you to take your flu shot every year. You might have been instructed by your pharmacist to avoid drinking Benadryl with alcohol and on many other occasions. Your pharmacist occupies an important place in society and is part of your healthcare regime too!

Nabil Fakih – Get introduced to your pharmacist and discover the things that he knows 

Nabil Fakih is an esteemed pharmacist from Dearborn Heights, MI, and the owner of Dearborn Pharmacy in the USA. He says that most people do not even know the fact that pharmacists are doctors as well. Though your pharmacist might introduce himself or herself by the first name, little do you know that that from 2004, a doctor of pharmacy (Pharm D) needs to sit for an examination conducted by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy. After passing this examination, one can start to work in a Pharma Franchise Company in India and dispense health medications in the USA. Those who have qualified as a pharmacist before 2004 are allowed to dispense medications in the USA as well as during that time a bachelors degree in the field was acceptable, but most pharmacists did their Pharm D in order to qualify as doctors in the field.  

Pharmacists can administer vaccines in the country

The administration of vaccines is not limited to doctors only. In the USA, nine States permitted pharmacists to administer vaccines. Today, all the states of the USA have allowed pharmacists to immunize people and children on vaccinations like the flu vaccine. You can get more information about the regulations of your state when it comes to the administration of vaccines from The American Pharmacists Association.

You will find them everywhere 

People living in rural communities often find it hard to get primary care doctors and other specialists.  However, these people can find pharmacists nearby. This is primarily because approximately 91% of people in the USA live in 5 miles of a community pharmacy, and if you fall under that 9%, you still can reach out to a pharmacist online via mail or phone.

Nabil Fakih of Dearborn Pharmacy sums up by saying that a pharmacist plays a crucial role in the healthcare industry. They can do a lot of work behind the counter and aid doctors in figuring out the best course of medication for patients in some circumstances as well.  People often approach them for getting instructions for over-the-counter medicines. They ensure everyone gets the information they need when it comes to the proper dosage of the drug. Some are employed with manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry, and they can use their knowledge and skillsets to develop, enhance, and refine healthcare medications as well. They are clinical experts when it comes to pharmaceutical drugs and support doctors to keep ailments at bay.