Minoxidil: Will it Work on Me?


Minoxidil was actually first made use of as a medicine to treat exceptionally high blood pressure. Taken by mouth in tablet kind, it expands or widens the arteries in the body, making the resistance to blood circulation lower. Regrettably, for some, mainly for females using this medicine, it does have a higher tendency in triggering hypertrichosis or too much hair growth. Acknowledging that this result would rate by various other people, drug suppliers created a topical solution so that the hair development might happen while preventing the arterial dilation of the oral drug.

Minoxidil appears to work by expanding the hair follicle, triggering a thicker follicle of hair and by prolonging the anagen stage of hair development which leads to more extended as well as a wider variety of hair strands. The precise physiological basis for these effects continues to be unknown; however, it has been known to be free of any risk as well as reliable when used appropriately. According to dermatology studies, as much as 60 percent of guys showed improvements using this medicine in vertex balding with a mean boost in hair thickness of around 10-12 percent.

How to Use Minoxidil Properly

There are two of minoxidil strength: 2 percent as well as 5 percent. The 5 percent has actually been shown to be more efficient without a substantial increase in irritation or opposite effects. Both strengths are put on the dry scalp two times a day. It is essential to know that the treatment must be continued forever to maintain outcomes, as any type of hair gains are going to be lost within four to six months if the individual stops the medicine. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after using minoxidil, so it does not infect any other part of your body.

If you are a woman with pattern baldness, you can use minoxidil for women.