Israel Figa: Are Covid-19 Vaccines the End of the Virus?


All Covid-19 vaccines that are being developed worldwide are aimed to producing immunity to the SARS-CoV-2 virus by stimulating an immune response to an antigen. Usually the characteristic spikes protein found of the surface of the virus. 


While it is becoming more and more difficult each day to curtail the virus from spreading, governments around the world have started their vaccination drives. People are being encouraged to get vaccinated so that the coronavirus can be restricted. This has made people wonder if vaccines will magically end Covid-19 and Israel Figa has got some answers to this.


Rushing Out At Vaccines 

A lot of people are running out to get a vaccination thinking that after getting vaccinated they can return to whatever they want to do without any restrictions and limitations. People believe that after vaccination they would not have to wear a mask, or practice social distancing. However that doesn’t appear to be the case as healthcare workers, scientists, researchers and governments warn people that the vaccine doesn’t provide 100% protection and that you could still contract the virus. Israel Figa also notes that once you’ve got vaccinated you should still wear a mask in public and maintain social distance as being vaccinate doesn’t mean you are completely protected. 


According to Israel Figa rushing into vaccines is not a good idea as there so many vaccines out there and no one knows which one is the best. If everyone gets vaccinated then there would be noone left to test on for the best vaccine results. 


Past Vaccines For Previous Viruses 

In 1976 during the swine flu fiasco that was the H1N1 influenza strain, a vaccination was introduced which was created pretty quick and was given out to about 45 million Americans. About 450 patients developed a Guillain-Barre syndrome. The syndrome was linked to the vaccine and it was said that the vaccine process was rushed, therefore, it produced such diseases. People are worried that what if this holds true for the current Covid-19 vaccines too. But the fact is that research techniques have advanced quit a lot since 1976 and also research has now found that chances of developing Guillain-Barre form the swine-flu vaccine are very low. 


Vaccination For High Risk Patients

Before drawing conclusions about the vaccines you must first weigh the risks and benefits. The risks of the virus for some people are mortality and/or severe morbidity so that is a big risk. In such situations if you have something that is working or even appears to be working, has been tested and given some time and everybody agrees then Israel Figa advises that the vaccination be given out to these patients. However, Israel Figa warns against those vaccines that are rushed, have not been done properly, have not been tested and are causing problems to those patients who have gotten the vaccination. 


Current Vaccine And Mutated Forms Of Virus 

Unlike bacteria, viruses tend to mutate and like all viruses the coronavirus too mutates and changes variants. Each country is being exposed to a new variant of the virus, making it difficult to ascertain what strains the virus is made up of. With each mutation the virus tends to become more resistant which makes it even more difficult for the current vaccine to work.  Each strain of the virus requires specific antibody and hence once a person contracts the virus there is no guarantee that they won’t be re-infected. Unfortunately this may result in a never ending chain of resistant strains of this deadly virus. However, by the continuous research and tremendous efforts by countries around the world different vaccines are being created to cater to the mutated strains of the virus and thereby save lives.  


Is Vaccine Cure To The Virus 

People thought that with vaccines they could take their masks off, gather with more than 10 people and that nobody will look at you like you’re the devil if you walk past someone within four and half feet rather than six feet. However, this is not the case as globally pathologists, medical staff, and governments warn people that the vaccine does not protect you from contracting the virus. Israel Figa advises that while the vaccine does provide immunity against the virus, it shall not be treated as a cure.