I’m Stuck in a Hamster Wheel and Don’t Know How to Jump off. How do I?


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Do you ever wake up from your daily slumber and reconsider your life? Let’s explore the past few years. How much has your life changed? Are things going to plan?Has anything changed at all? With the streamlined changes in work culture and environment, we try to be more productive more efficient whilst juggling our ever-changing priorities. Though we try to welcome changes and be adaptive, it can feel like we are only running faster on the hamster wheel.

We all try to be valuable assets and loyal workers to our respective enterprises. In doing so, we simply choose to keep our heads down and just run faster. It is easy to fall into the common trap of mundane routine from morning breakfast to dinner, hoping for change without affecting it. There are unmatched health benefits of living a scheduled life, but when you are less conscious of your process, life becomes less productive, more unfulfilling, and potentially listless.

When we spend a lot of time at work without a passion for the job itself, it’s common to wonder if we can ever escape the loop. Life is too short to run errands for the dreams of others and stand idly by as our aspirations fade. This is why we need to consider the importance of personal development and find ways to live a life of choice and success rather than working aimlessly. As a life coach, Leigh Stafford can help you rethink your life choices, reconsider your job preferences, and transform the mundane into the riveting. Jumping off the hamster wheel is not easy, but with professional help, the road to self-actualisation will reveal itself.

With the following key points, we can bring about some positive changes in our behaviour and divert from old habits.

Add Value to Your Creative Approach

The dynamics of creative thinking change in tandem with evolving work cultures. While working to adapt to the changes in your work environment, it’s best to keep a conscious and calm mind in order to access your creative potential. This will help you navigate through the challenges of today and reap a better tomorrow. 

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

A major setback in life is looking for solace in our comfort zone. We all like to be in our comfort zone where we do not need to operate beyond our predetermined limits. New challenges lie only out of our comfort zone, and with new challenges, there can be new possibilities.

Start Self-Discovery

Only through self-discovery, can we work on self-improvement and encourage better results. Invest time in yourself, consult with a life coach to have a better understanding of the self and its relationship to the environment, both professional and personal.

Set Your Life Goals and Find Focus

When you have a clear picture of what you want from your life, the and where you want “how” can be easier to answer. You can work on your dreams when you make up your mind about what you want in life. Think about what makes you happy, where your passion lies, and work on it.