Why Inculcating Good Oral Hygiene Habits Is A Must For Your Child


As parents, we end up worrying about our kids at all the times. It is as if we can never rest easy. Right from what they eat, to what they wear, to their physical and oral hygiene – we remain stressed about everything. When kids are growing up, it is important to pay attention to all that they do. This is the formative years, if we don’t take care and inculcate good habits during this time, our kids will not learn anything. We need to teach them to take care of their physical and oral hygiene right from the beginning. They should be taught about the importance of going for a bath daily. The significance of using a soap to wash away dirt’s and the use of shampoo to clean the hair should be explained to them. In the early stage of life, kids refuse to shampoo their hair because of the fear of it entering their eyes. But there are many non-teary shampoos available in the market, which does not cause any discomfort even if it enters the eyes.

We also need to teach our kids to brush their teeth twice daily. Once after they get up in the morning and the second time before they go to bed. In fact, their sugar intake should be monitored especially sweets and chocolates which can be quiet harmful for the teeth. Most of the kids end up eating whatever they get when they start going to school. This is because different kids bring different types of tiffin.

If you do not monitor what your kid is eating and ensure that high intake is stopped, your kid is bound to suffer from cavities and gum problems. To make sure that all these do not happen, take your child to the dentist at frequent intervals. Just because your kid is small does not mean that you should not take him to the dentist. Do you know that there is a child dental benefits schedule Chermside? Have you applied for it? As per this benefits plan, kids between the age group of 2 to 17 years are entitled for basic dental service. They will get dental treatments free of cost within the budget of $1000 for 2 consecutive calendar years. If you are yet to apply for this benefit plan then do this soon. There are certain criterias that needs to be met and certain documents that need to be submitted along with the application form. Once the application is approved, your kid will be able to enjoy the benefits of this plan.