How to sleep in relaxing way

Would you like to use CBD for sleeping because you are looking for a general relaxation effect? Then of course you are now wondering what dosage you should use. First of all, it depends on how concentrated your CBD is: With 10 percent CBD oil , the dosage for sleep disorders will of course be different than with 5 percent CBD oil. If you are new to best cbd oil for sleep and do not yet know your exact dosage, we recommend starting with 5 percent CBD oil . Start with one spray before bed and increase to two sprays if necessary, which corresponds to about 15 milligrams of CBD. You can dose the CBD oil 10 percent even more economically. Here you could get by with just one spray in the long run.
According to one study, this might not be a bad idea in the evening as it may help you fall asleep. If you heat your body from the outside, it will cool itself down and you will automatically get tired afterwards. Not only could you fall asleep faster, but you could also improve the quality of your sleep.So turn on relaxing music, dim the lights or light a few candles, have a cozy towel ready – and turn your home into your very own little mini spa in no time at all. The CBD bath ball not only contains real lavender flowers, but gradually bubbles out a core that has it all. The nourishing shea butter cocoa core contains 100 mg of the purest CBD and, with its silky, melting texture, is perfect for putting on it during your spa bath. So you can fully benefit from the pampering effect of the CBD bath ball. For you this means: Listen to your body and do what suits you and your everyday life. If you urgently need to exercise in the evening: Go for it. However, those who are so hard-working deserve a reward and special care – and here you could also find what you are looking for with our CBD cosmetic products. After exercise, the CBD gel is ideal for pampering your stressed body and possibly also stimulating regeneration. Simply massage the gel into the affected areas and feel how the gentle massage already results in initial relaxation.While the CBD can also relax your body, thanks to the menthol you benefit from a wonderfully cooling effect. Combined with your after-workout dopamine, that sounds like a pretty perfect combo. Of course, the CBD Sport Gel can also offer a perfect end to your sports session at any other time of the day. If you are more of a fan of exercising in the evening, we hope that it can also help you to switch to sleep mode afterwards so that you sleep like a baby.