How To Reduce Dental Fear


It is normal to have dental fear. You probably envision painful situations, odd odors, and sharp objects. However, you should not let your fear prevent you from caring for your teeth. Regular dental checkups are crucial. Here are some suggestions for reducing dental anxiety from a dentist in Powell, TN.

  • Talk to your dentist about your fear.

It can be challenging to talk about your anxieties with your dentist since you do not want to come across as weak-willed or cowardly. Your dentist is there to help and is aware of your worries and past experiences. Tell him about your concerns. Before the procedure, you might talk about the treatment so that you are aware of what to expect. 

  • Decide on a signal to use when informing your dentist that you need a break.

Patients might hesitate to admit they need a break during a procedure out of embarrassment. You may also be reluctant to talk in front of others when you experience a severe gag reaction. In these situations, you and your dental hygienist must decide on a signal before the operation starts. This will stop any discomfort during the course of the treatment.

  • Bring along an acquaintance or relative for moral support.

Ask the dentist if you are able to bring someone with you during treatment if you feel anxious or uncomfortable in the dentist’s office. This person can be a calming influence and offer much-needed consolation and assistance. As you converse with them, the time may fly by more quickly.

  • Bring entertainment with you to get your mind off the processes.

Bring a playlist or a movie with you and watch it during the process if you are slightly nervous. Bring a coloring book and pencils to assist you in concentrating on something constructive. You could also watch your favorite movie or listen to soothing music to help you relax. Bring your headphones so you can color while listening to relaxing music. Your nervousness will be reduced by the repeated motion of coloring and the relaxing impact of music, making the experience more enjoyable. Another excellent choice for some distractions is portable video games. Please go through these ideas with your dentist in advance to ensure they will not conflict with any equipment.

  • Think about sedation dentistry.

Ask about the combination of oral and IV anesthesia options that your dental practice provides if nervousness is a concern for you. While receiving dental care, these procedures might aid in your relaxation.