How to distinguish wedding cake strain from other strains?


Well, thanks to the evolution in the marijuana industry, one is capable of experiencing marijuana in different ways. Likewise, many bud cultivators have produced impressive hybrids throughout the years.

Being a beginner in the cannabis world, most people get confused in finding the right strain because, for them, every strain looks almost similar.

Well, don’t worry; to give you a clear understanding of how wedding cake seed strain looks, smells, and tastes, we are filling this blog with some of its characteristics.

1- Wedding cake has considerably high levels of THC. And that is why it is recommended that only experienced users use this strain that too, after performing thorough research.

2- Wedding cake has a high composition of Indica that can go as high as 80%.

3- Being an Indica-dominant strain, wedding cake offers prompt effects once consumed. The user feels a head-rush of euphoria that eventually spreads throughout the body. And this is one of the main reasons why the wedding cake strain is used for medical purposes too. One can easily relax and de-stress the muscle with wedding cake strain.

4- The main reason why the wedding cake is famous among advanced users is its potency and sometimes the pungency too.

5- The user tends to experience the taste of sweet cookies even after hours of using wedding cake strain.

6- As a medical purpose, many users use wedding cake strain to treat or get assistance in mental health conditions like PTSD, depression, or even anxiety because it offers impressive relaxation to the consumer. A higher dosage can be suggested for those suffering from insomnia or sleep deprivation.

Over to you

Well, there you go. These are some of the amazing characteristics that make wedding cake strains stand apart from other marijuana seeds strains.