How much time does it take to perform gastric bypass surgery?

perform gastric bypass surgery

Patients often are concerned about how long does gastric bypass surgery take while they are considering this bariatric procedure. As you suffer from morbid obesity and other related health issues, getting anxious about undergoing major surgery is normal. Your bariatric surgeon will notify you regarding how long is gastric bypass surgery and assist you in making a positive decision.

The bariatric surgeon would cautiously assess your overall wellbeing to check whether you are fit to experience the surgical procedure and could keep up general anaesthesia for the complete duration of the surgery. The time-span of gastric bypass surgery will not matter as long as the surgeon accepts you as a candidate and you adhere to all their pre-op guidelines watchfully. Gastric bypass surgery time-span could also differ among patients, counting whether you undertake a laparoscopic or open surgery.

How does gastric bypass function?

Before committing yourself to the surgical procedure, you require to know how gastric bypass Phoenixfunctions. The process is a more comprehensive type of bariatric surgery that functions in 3 ways:

  1. Restrictive

The weight loss surgeon would staple a big portion of your tummy to decrease its size. The new tiny pouch would limit the amount of food you could eat and store inside the stomach at once. You would naturally eat smaller meal portions and feel satiated quicker.

  1. Malabsorptive

The second part of gastric bypass Phoenix is the rerouting of the small intestine. It would ensure that a large amount of food bypasses the intestine. Consequently, the calorie absorption would be lessened. Hence, even as you eat food, the calorie consumption would not be so high.

  1. Gut Hormone

In order to know how gastric bypass functions, you need to understand the part of gut hormones. These hormones make you feel hungry and augment your urge to eat. The surgery will alter gut hormones so that your craving is controlled, and you would feel less hungry during the day.

Gastric bypass recovery period

Overall, the early recovery period following gastric bypass surgery is around one to two weeks. Therefore, most patients can continue with their work in week 2. Still, it is necessary to avoid laborious activities such as lifting weight for at least 4 to 6 weeks.

Also, before your discharge, your surgeon or dietician would give you a complete post-op diet plan. You must arrange the required ingredients for following this diet plan carefully.