Guide to storing cannabis


Every pot smoker must have once asked themselves, how long the weed will last or how long can it be effective. Well, it may happen that you have found something stored but harvesting cannabis can be pretty confusing. Cannabis is used as a medical supplement in the US and hence, you need to be extremely careful with the storage of buds. 

The older the wine, the better is the taste. All of us have heard of this and does the same apply for cannabis too? Yes, to some extent. The dried and cured cannabis can last a long time especially when it is stored in a cool and dark place. There is no expiration date for cannabis but if you store it nicely, these can last for around six months to one year. 

Are you ready to use the old weed? Just don’t go with the flow while using old weed. There are a lot of considerations that you will need to make while using old weed. 

How to store weed? 

It’s not about how you store weed but what is the best way for storing weed. You will need to know about humidity, temperature and other factors that can affect your storage capacity. 

  • Temperature

Cannabis is prone to mild and mold growth which is why you will need to store it in proper condition. These can survive temperature between 77-86°F. Excessive heat can destroy the main components of weed, cannabinoids and terpenes. At the same time, decarboxylation may occur with this which can convert THC to harmful cannabinoids. 

  • Humidity

Humidity control is one of the most important factors to look forward to avoid mildew and mold growth. You need to store your cannabis in a control environment to avoid the humidity. Moreover, proper relative humidity needs to be maintained to retain the aroma, consistency and flavour of cannabis. 

  • Light

Excessive exposure to light can break down the essential organic and synthetic materials of cannabis. Light has always been considered to be the significant factor in degradation of cannabinoids. Storing cannabis in direct light has been able to maintain the temperature control. 

  • Air control

Experts suggest keeping cannabis stored in a pouch. You can use the cannabis stored in Hush-Kush smellproof bags to ensure proper air control. Apart from bags and pouches, you can store cannabis in a mason jar as well. Too little or excessive air can damage the humidity level thereby destroying the buds.