Few Things That You Must Know About Ptosis


Ptosis is an eye condition that is generally known as a droopy eyelid. To be specific the patient suffering droopy eyelid suffers from eyelid muscle weakness, which leads to eyelid muscle dropping. The ptosis (ตาตก, which is the term in Thai)can occur unilaterally where the patient one eye gets affected from ptosis. However, there are many cases where both eyes of the patient are affected due to bilateral ptosis. The disorder can occur due to various reasons. For example, trauma, age, and medical disorder are some commonly known reason that causes the ptosis.

What Patients Of Ptosis Have To Suffer?

The eyes are an important organ in human beings. It gives the sense of vision that most of us humans use or specifically hugely rely on to perform our daily tasks. In the case of ptosis, the vision of a person gets affected. In some severe cases, the patient vision gets completely obstructed due to a droopy eyelid. Therefore, droopy eyelids prevent patients from living their normal life. A simple task can become difficult for a patient due to a lack of vision caused by ptosis.

However, in most of the patient, the condition does not get severe. Most time, the ptosis goes within a few months or years. In few cases, the patient might have to suffer from the condition permanently.

When And Why People Suffer From Ptosis

The reason behind droopy eyelids can range from natural causes to some serious conditions since the condition occurs due to some natural causes. Therefore, few people have a high risk of developing droopy eyelids.

For example, aging can cause ptosis. Therefore, people above the age of 50 have a high chance of developing droopy eyelids. The aging weakens the levator muscle. The levator muscle is responsible for lifting the eyelid.

However, anyone can get a droopy eyelid. Sometimes, the babies are even born with ptosis conditions. The droopy eyelid can occur due to neurological conditions.

Diagnosis Of Droopy Eyelid Condition

The doctor will start the diagnosis by knowing your past medical history. You must explain your condition without any hesitation. The doctor will run few tests that are common procedures used to diagnose the droopy eyelid condition.

The doctor will ask you to sit in front of a lamp or high-intensity light. The doctor then will check the eye dilation or see if you feel any discomfort.


Depending on your diagnosis, the doctor will prescribe you treatment. In a less severe case, the doctor may provide the patient glasses with a ptosis crutch to hold the eyelid, which can help with vision. Besides, in severe cases, the doctor might prescribe the patient to go through surgery.