Everything You Need To Know About Godfather OG Seeds


Cannabis products have been legalized in many countries. Some people use the products for their medicinal applications, while some people prefer the recreational abilities of the products.  Some of these products have high THC content and lower CBD, and some contain more CBD content and lesser THC level. The Godfather OG is one of those strains with the highest THC content, and click here is a guide with in-depth information about the Godfather OG .

The Godfather OG strains are admired by many people in the states of California and Los Angeles. Due to the stress-filled life in such states, people have been finding a way to unplug them from the world at the end of the day, and this is where Godfather OG strains come in handy. The state of Los Angeles has tagged Godfather OG as an effective medication for stress reduction and relaxed sleep. The strain has also won the High Times Cannabis Cup in the year 2013.

The best medicinal application of the strain is its effect on insomnia. A few puffs of this strain are enough to put you down for a good night’s sleep. Hence, people prefer buying the Godfather OG Seeds and growing them in their garden space. This allows the grower with any time access to these strains. The individual won’t have to step out of the house to buy the Godfather OG strain.

The strain resembles indica dominance and has a whopping 30% content of THC in it. There are many stories about how the strain was born. But, to date, we cannot confirm which story is a true one. It is only detected that the strain is the result of crossing XXX OG along with Alpha OG strains.

The Godfather OG Seeds can be conveniently cultivated indoor as well as outdoor. The ideal conditions necessary for the best growth of Godfather OG need to warm. The temperature ranges between 670 to 820 Fahrenheit. The seeds need 8 to 10 weeks for flowering and the height of the plant is up to 100cm in indoor conditions and up to 200cm in outdoor conditions. Hence, this strain is an ideal option for beginner growers.

The only con of growing Godfather OG seeds is their low yield. The yield of the strain ranges between 13 to 16 ounces in indoor cultivation and 19 to 23 ounces in outdoor cultivation.

Along with being one of the best medications for insomnia, Godfather OG also has medicinal effects like reducing stress, fighting pain, freedom from PTSD, etc.

So, if you are planning to start cultivating cannabis at your house, Buy Godfather OG Seeds online and get the ultimate experience of personal cannabis cultivation.