Everything About Godfather OG Seeds


Whenever we hear the word Godfather, the first thing that comes to our mind is the Mafia from the movies. The evil man who has the ultimate power and possessions. We are not talking about what the Godfather children think of. The caretaker who will provide you the essential things and gifts. But this is not the same Godfather we are talking about. Take it a little back to the old movies time and think of that, Don. Yes, that is the one we are discussing. This Godfather has some essential properties and is very impactful. The same is the case with the Godfather Og seeds. These seeds are potent and intense. These have once been tested to have a 28% THC level. This percentage is the highest in the whole history. That is why this seed is known as the Godfather Og seeds. But the properties of this cannabis seed are not over here:

  1. Aroma: The smell of the Godfather Og seeds is similar to the earthy feeling we feel in the morning around the grassy field. The aroma is refreshing, which reminds you of nature. It feels fresh and amazing. This will remind you of a pleasant morning in a green garden area. The smell has a slight hint of grapes as well. The odor has the clear presence of the earthy flavor, which has a mixture of pine too. The overall experience of the smell is pleasant and refreshing, which cannot be forgotten easily.

  2. Effects: The effect of the Godfather Og cannot be experienced instantly. It has different sensations that show its effects at a different level of time. At first, you can experience that something heavy is lifted from your head. Slowly it starts to make the user feel happy and cheerful. With the intensity, it is quick to lift up a person’s mood. You can even use this during stressful times. Many people consume it for releasing stress and lifting their mood. Cannabis is sometimes also prescribed for treating depression.

The user feels relaxation and calmness after its consumption. It is advised to use it in the right amount. When used in the right amount, the Godfather Og seeds are considered one of the most effective recreational cannabis seeds. Due to its high THC level, it is said to be one of the most effective and impactful cannabis.

  1. Taste: The taste of the Godfather Og seeds is as pleasant as its aroma is. This cannabis has a slight hint of grape in its aroma, which can be experienced clearly in the taste. Its flavor is loved by most people.

Wrapping up

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